Our schools don't teach History

Our schools are no longer teaching US History.  It is a pale imitation of US history at best.

Ask a college student about the French & Indian War.  They do not know about it.  They are ignorant as to how this war inevitably led the Colonists to the Revolution.

They want to teach us that the Native American was the equal of his European counterpart.  While this is true as a matter of their nature — all were people of the same potential — Native Americans were largely Stone Age hunter-gatherer societies.  They had not even reached the Bronze Age that Europe reached centuries before the Christian era.  An army from ROME could’ve conquered the North American tribes — their weapons were more advanced.

Moreover, while they teach that the “evil Europeans” brought diseases that caused the deaths of thousands of the indigenous tribesmen, they fail to mention that – for the most part – this was unintentional.  The European had little better notion as to how disease was spread than did the tribes in the Americas.

Yes, Europeans brought slaves into the Americas.  Many of these were also “indentured servants” who were white and poor, having sold themselves into slavery.  The introduction of black slaves was a great crime, but even that crime was something practiced among the blacks of Africa themselves, many of whom were participants in the sale of peoples from other tribes.  Slavery had existed on the African continent during the time of Egypt, Europeans neither invented it nor were the sole participants.

In fact, when many black Americans were allowed to “go home” to Africa (where none of them had lived) they almost immediately enslaved the local population.

Moreover, about 600,000 Americans died – even more were maimed or lost their homes – in the war that ultimately shaped the United States and ended slavery.  Black Americans played a noble (also many participated in some of the evils) of that war.  The price for the crime of Slavery was paid in the loss of American blood and tears.

Today we have the faction that wants us to believe the war was not that noble (it was NOT entirely noble, but that should not erase the nobility of the outcome) and others who want us to believe that the Confederacy was right.

Neither is true.  History cannot be told in “black and white” on any issue.  History – real history – is always in shades of grey.

Why did many Southerners favor a “revolution” and independence from the north?  Not slavery, but money, was a large motivator.  The average Southerner owned no slaves, but the average Southerner also did not start the war.  Politicians, the rich men who DID own slaves, wanted the war and convinced their fellow citizens to fight in it.  Why?  Because most of them were in debt to Northerners and could not repay it.

Moreover, those Northerners who were owed vast sums rallied to the support of a war against the South.  They neither took up arms nor did the fighting, but were perfectly willing to let their fellow Northerners go out to die for their pocketbooks.

Despite this rather nasty truth, it also remains true that many who fought in the war DID fight to end slavery.  Not most, certainly not all, but that men of good conscious were ready to lay down all they had in the fight is a note worthy of mention.

Was secession legal?  Perhaps it could be, but not in the manner it was conducted.  When the Southern States elected to leave the Union, they should have petitioned Congress (as they would have to enter the Union) to reach an accord as to how they would handle the Federal Property owned within their State.  Instead, they tried to simply take it.  Once they fired on the troops of the United States they acted outside the law and the US government was entitled to act as it did.

For those who claim the South had the “right” to leave as they had been sovereign States before the Constitution, I would argue when they entered into the Constitution, they surrendered that sovereignty.  Moreover, Louisiana and other regions were NOT sovereign before they became States, but territories of the United States, bought and paid for by FEDERAL dollars, most of which came from the North.

Does any teacher even TOUCH this? 

We are robbing our children of a great heritage.  WHY?