Hope & Change? Vote Republican

So there I was: sitting on the couch watching some ‘vision when a rerun of the Saddleback Forum came on. I didn’t watch, but I did catch a part where Obama said something along the lines of, “I believe I have the qualities to bridge partisan and racial barriers.” You get the jist. We all know what The Messiah was getting at. Hope and change, right? Yeah. Right.

Obama and the Dems have really been talking the talk this election. This is pretty much the first election I’ve gotten to pay real close attention too, and it’s absurd. When has he ever practiced his bipartisan message? When has Obama ever practiced what he has preached? In public he loves the 2nd amendment. In private he loathes it.

Earlier in the week The Great One Mark Levin had a caller phone into his show who said he had worked with Obama while he was a law professor in Illinois back in the day. He said something I found pretty startling, and if true is pretty upsetting to me. He(the caller was a pro-gun teacher apparently) said, “Obama told me he didn’t think anyone should be allowed to own a gun.” I don’t know if that is true; I have no reason to think it’s not. But this coupled with his contrasting public/private NAFTA comments and his contrasting public/private Israel/Palestine comments and a host of other issues has him talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Obama stands in his pulpit lecturing us on how we need change in Washington, how he will break barriers, how he will work with Republicans and Dems on all the issues and together we will solve everything. People need to wake up and see this for the garbage it is.

Look at the Democratic Party. What do you see? Hope and change? I see a party that just nominated the most liberal member of the Senate as their leader. I see a party that continually attacks and puts down our military. I see a party that wants to create a welfare country.

I look at the leaders of this party: Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Reid; and I don’t see change, but partisan hackery. Do you really expect Nancy “I’m Trying to Save the Planet!!!” Pelosi is going to give ground to conservatives? You’re right, she won’t. None of them will.

When I think of hope and change I don’t think of Obama anymore. I think of the Republican party. I see change in John McCain. I see proven bi-partisan legislation in John McCain. I see hope in Sarah Palin, a proven reformer. The way she has energized the conservative base of the Republican party is amazing. I am far too young to compare the excitement of Sarah Palin to anything in the past, but the first thing that came to my mind was Newt’s Contract with America.

Hope and change are in the Republican party. The Dems can quack all they want about how unified they are, but it is we who are the unified party now. It is we who will have the first woman in the White House. It is we who nominated a bipartisan Senator. It is we who have the reformers on the ticket. Not them.

Liberals hate(yes, they actually hate) Palin. Why? She is one of us. She is a Reaganite. She is PART of the Conservative Movement. She is not a back-benching 30 year partisan hack Senator. She is not a Washington Insider. She is we. She is grassroots. She is Bobby’s mom on Bobby’s World. I can see her letting a “Don’tcha know” out during the debates. It would tickle me greatly.