Obama Care: Have We Missed The Central Argument?

Wouldn’t it be nice? Wouldn’t it be wonderful:  If we lived in a society that could afford national health care for all who reside within our borders – legally?


But we do not live in such a society; nor have we ever; nor will we ever.

Still, the leftist gangs who have hijacked the American legislative processes, and executive functions are bent on ba functional system that provides health care for the majority of us, in order to install a theoretical system that (under the best of circumstances) will provide questionable services to slightly more (but not all) of us.

Accompanying significant degradation of services to those of us already covered (mostly to our satisfaction) will be an increased tax burden stacked atop tax schedules already groaning under the weight of uncounted socialistic services to the very few who are most likely to benefit from the health care carnage.

And all this is being done in leftist legislative Star Chamber, clearly mocking not only the 80% or so of the citizens who want nothing to do with the proposed train wreck, but also the legislative processes as they were intended by The Founders.  American legislative processes are off the rails (by design in my opinion) and they will soon carry our functional health care system with them over the bridge and into the canyon.

Battle lines are formed along undisciplined political party structures with defectors crossing lines at will and for their own reasons. This is the poorest method to provide even a semblance of a balanced solution to the overall health care problem – unfortunately there appears to be no better method available for resolution.

So, where are we in the national health care argument?

Quibbling.  Bickering over particulars; unable or unwilling to see the larger questions governing utopian-like cradle-to-grave health care for one and all.  Are we really prepared to be content with an exorbitantly costly national health care mediocrity shoved down our throats?

I don’t think so.

So, why have we forfeited the legal and moral high ground in the larger battle for our individual and collective rights?

From the beginning of the argument it seems that we in opposition to this leftist monstrosity have been willing to accept without argument the premise that health care and related services are entitlements for all within our borders; and that as such they become constitutional ‘rights’.

Are they?  Constitutional rights?

If so, under which Article of the Constitution are they expressly guaranteed? If not the constitution – then what other authority (ies)?

Are we with functional health care morally obligated to accept a degradation of these (paid) services for more costly substandard services so that uncovered ‘others’ can be covered under?

Where is it written?


And so why have we forfeited the legal and moral high ground in this battle – without so much as a whimper?  Is it because some of us no longer see any reason to defend them.