Time Now To Peer Over The Horizon

I’ve been with RedState for 4 years and 5 months. I’ve witnessed this sight grow from something little more than  conservative political chat room to the intellectual political heavy weight forum it has become; and RedState is one of the very best on line today – in my opinion.

Personally, I have witnessed (and became somewhat involved in) most of the  governmental and political travesties perpetrated upon this nation and its citizens over three decades (+).

I have become jaded by the experience.

Trained as a political historian, a retired Army officer with 26 years of active duty, afterward a business man and now a writer/author, my accumulated views about the intrusive national political/governmental processes which govern our lives have crystallized into one straightforward conclusion:  Very few, if any of the processes, work for anyone but the participants in them, and those whose interested are vested  with the ‘players’.

In other words we Americans are now without a government the likes of which was intended by the men who developed our constitution. As an aside, if I were one of the gods of education I would require high school students to read and demonstrate a workable knowledge of the Federalist and Anti Federalists papers.  Knowledge of our badly battered and often abused Constitution is not enough to underdtand how government works today.

Therefore my friends, Yahuti is in the process of developing a website  that will deal not with political/governmental issues of the day (as RedState does so remarkably well) but with those of tomorrow. Our underlying philosophy is that our current system of governance is broken beyond repair, and that the remnant of it has been hijacked by those with little interest in doing anything about it.

We intend to analyze and deconstruct our current system, then develop and test suitable alternatives and remedies  to consider as our current system whirls itself into oblivion, or complete domination over all of us.

RedState , please continue to ‘hold the ground’ while our small group finds an alternative method of avoiding the need to expend the effort to make a dysfunctional political/governmental system to function in our collective benefit – as it was original intended.

This not goodbye.  Yahuti will continue to read and participate here – as before while we construct our site, and afterwords, as well.

Kudos to RedState founders and editors.

Bravo to the writers and other participants.