First Day Of The New Battle

This was emailed to my friends and family this morning, thought it would be good to post here as well.

Good morning everyone.

It would appear I will not be getting that Vice-President’s Chief of Staff position I wanted so badly.

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate President-elect Barack Obama on becoming the first black American president-elect. It is truly a significant achievement to be elected to the highest office in the world. It put a period at the end of a long story on black people in this country.

George Washington once noted that America will ultimately have to deal with slavery, but his time wasn’t the right time in order to preserve the fragile, fledgling Union. Abraham Lincoln successfully abolished it. As one black lady I talked to this morning said, “Blacks were the backbone of industry that initially enabled this country to prosper.” I believe there is much truth in that statement. I hope that blacks now feel like the psychological barrier is broken and that they have the same hope and ability to succeed that whites have always believed should be afforded to every American.

I reminded some folks at work today that while his election is significant in terms of race, there are some major issues and policies that are dangerious for America:

  • Punishing success through taxation and redistribution
  • Unchecked abortion/infanticide
  • Corruption and fraud that overshadows the political process
  • Tax cuts and lower spending myths
  • National security
  • Energy independence
  • Immigration reform
  • Punitive trade policies
  • Destruction of American exceptionalism

It is in consideration of the above that Pocket Change has posted it’s final blog – Farewell.

No worries, there is plenty more to come. The Pocket Change experiment was hugely successful for a one guy operation. Now I begin work, along with many others, of restoring conservatism in American governance.

I left a comment on Hot Air blogs last night stating that America was just name and that it meant nothing without the ideals America was founded upon. I’d much rather change a name than change the ideals.

It is with that notion in mind that I embark upon the laborious act of restoring conservatism over saving a Republican brand. Revolution is coming.

Regarding Sen. John McCain, he is an honorable man with conservative principles. However, he is far too willing to compromise with liberals and that is his ultimate demise. McCain-Feingold, his very own campaign finance reform, secured his own defeat. He ultimately failed to understand the differences between liberals and conservatives and by trying to split the difference, only managed to have his supporters split.

We must remember this lesson in 2012. I thank Sen. McCain for his valiant effort and trust he will continue to serve well in the Senate. I salute you, sir.

Regarding Gov. Sarah Palin, she will likely become the pariah of the failed McCain campaign. However, she was the only high-profile conservative in this fight. To be honest, there are some with quite vile comments towards her and rumors that there is more to come.

Let us be clear, we will not blame the woman or scapegoat her. A true conservative understands that she is to be respected and honored for her efforts. She has done no wrong and much that is exemplary. She should not be exiled back to Alaska, her potential and her conservatism are both far too great. She is welcomed in the lower 48 anytime. The more the merrier.

You could see it in her expression when last night. She was choked up and nearly in tears. It was heartbreaking to watch. I’m not sure if it was because she lost and could not help but think about what might have been or if it was her gratitude to those who appreciate her. It is probably a combination of both.

She will be back. She understands us. I say she should run again in 2012 for VP or for the Senate when her term is up as Governor. Maybe now we have a few years to get to know her better after the media has only mocked her. We can only hope for more authentic people like her.

It was a hard battle and I’m completely exhausted. Tomorrow, I get to see and hear my kid for the first time. Please pray for us. We hope for a baby that is healthy and strong and for Cara to stay healthy and strong.

Pretty soon, at least I have confidence, that you will be hearing from me again. There are 55 million voters who said, “No” to Obama’s policies. Many of us are planning to restore conservatism with or without the Republican party and its present elite membership and leadership.

Now is the time of greatest hope for conservatism because we know that liberals will abuse what has been given to them. 2010 and 2012 will be very good years. Rest, prepare, and reorganize.

The best is yet to come.

I am Mike Parrish and I approve of this message.

It is a privilege to fight!