Newtown through the Prism of Social Conservatism

This post is an expansion of a post I did on my FaceBook, so some of it may be a little redundant, but I want to expound on this further.

For those of you who don’t know my back ground:

  1. I am the father of three daughters, one of which turns two tomorrow.
  2. I am the uncle to 5 boys, and one girl.
  3. My wife is a kindergarten teacher, and I consider myself an “classroom father” to each of her classes.
  4. I am the son of a former Catholic Nun, and Pre Vatican II Roman Catholic.
  5. I am former military – US Army – Signal Corps.
  6. I am founding member of the Tea Party movement.

In my opinion, the shooting on Friday, along with all of the other shootings that have happened is a direct result of the lack of social conservatism being properly described and practiced.

I believe that the main reason our society is in this mess are because of four events.

  1. The Supreme Court Case that stopped prayer in schools (Engel v. Vitale, 1962)
  2. The Second Vatican Council of the Roman Catholic Church (1962-1965)
  3. The Great Society of LBJ (also FDR’s New Deal)
  4. Roe V. Wade, 1973.

Each one of those items is a book in and of themselves, but I will try to tie them together as succinctly as possible.

Over the past 50 years, we have dismantled the family of every major ethnicity. We have replaced a father with a check, and we have replaced the nurturing role of the mother with an over encompassing big government that will “kiss it and make it feel better” by enslaving our society with handouts and entitlements, and the combination of the 4 things above led to it.

I could sit here and pour out volumes and volumes of documented information, but I will digress and just hit a few main points, mainly focusing on the Catholic Church, because I think it reverberates throughout all Christian religions, and therefore this country.

We live in a society that will wait in a line for the midnight opening of any major blockbuster movie, but – and I am talking about novus ordo [Post Vatican II] Catholics mainly here – the lines to the confessional are thin, if not empty.

And when they do go to confession, no real penance is given – and they are given a free pass. (I know this from my experiences inside the Novus Ordo “Reconciliation Room”)

The Blessed Sacrament (The True Presence of Christ) is mocked, ridiculed and disrespected. Women receive Him half-naked whether it’s a typical Sunday Mass or even their own wedding. (I know this because I do wedding photography and videography work)

In 1960 when JFK was running for president, he held a press conference where the reporters were all afraid that he would be beholden to the Pope. This is when people actually respected the Pope, and he was someone to be paid attention to. Then in 1964, Pope Paul VI was handing over the Papal Tiara and the Papal Ring to the United Nations. Nowadays, if the Pope says something, most Catholics AND society shrug it off.

If Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, Joe Biden, or Ted Kennedy would have made any of the public utterances about abortion (or any other serious issue that the Catholic Church stands against) back in the 1950s, I hold the belief they would have been publically ex-communicated, because by their actions they allow others to commit a mortal sin (it’s called the sin of enabling). Today – we give Teddy Kennedy a full Catholic Funeral even after all of his marriages, and no known annulments.

We have prelates of the Catholic Church who lay down with Obama in the quest for social justice (which actually started in the 40’s), and then get all shocked and outraged when the contraception mandate is attempted to be enforced. If you lay down with dogs, you get fleas.

What happened in that time? The Second Vatican Council and all of its “liberalizing” of the Church that was misinterpreted by the bishops and cardinals, and that definitely had a trickle-down effect to other religions. The Pope(s) didn’t do anything to stop it, and even if they tried – the bishops didn’t care.

[Paul VI was an indecisive man (although he did write Humanae Vitae), and John Paul II was treated like a rock star by the laity instead of a pontiff while carrying around a papal crosier that had one of the most disrespectful representations of Jesus on the Cross that has ever been seen.]

We have seen the priest abuse scandal erupt, and that was because of the lax admission requirements to the seminary that was set out after The Second Vatican Council.

Benedict XVI has tried to turn some of it back, but I am not seeing a lot of success with that. He even allowed the “Several Cardinal Sins against the Environment.”

Great Popes like Pope St Pius V, Pope St. Pius X, Pope Pius XII and others must be turning in their graves.

And as the Catholic Church goes, so goes other religions. Other churches are empty except on Easter and Christmas. (CEO’s – Christmas-Easter-Only)

And what does all of this with the Catholic Church and other Religions – in part – lead to?


We live in a society that will stand outside an Apple Store, or a Best Buy to be the first to get an iPhone, new game console, or what have you – and that is championed, gets positive news reports… but the people who exercise their freedom of religion, assembly, and speech by saying the Rosary (or any other sort of prayer) in front of a Planned Parenthood Clinic are mocked, ridiculed, and even assaulted sometimes. Same goes for Tea Partiers when they assemble.

We live in a society where women will get pregnant to just increase their welfare benefits.

We live in a country where our President tried to show tears while making a statement about this shooting, but didn’t think twice to support a bill that would have prevent medical treatment of a baby if it had somehow survived an abortion. (Illinois State Senate)

We live in a society where we emasculate our sons. Boys are not allowed to be boys anymore, and just roughhouse with each other (by playing full contact football, Cowboys and Indians/cops and robbers, tag, etc.) and learn how to mold the natural aggression of men into a leadership energy that could change the world in a positive way.

We live in a society where we “pimp out” our daughters. Our daughters are told to look at the likes of sex-tape producing women such as Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, but if Bristol Palin gets pregnant she is impugned, mocked, and ridiculed for keeping her child. Ditto Sarah Palin for keeping Trig after finding out that he was going to have issues.

Mothers allow their daughters to dress like strippers and actively post these pictures on their Facebook and other social media, and even encourage them to explore their sexuality. Reason being is that if they have sex under their roof, it will at least be safe.

We allow the parading of all forms of aberrant sexual behavior from ALL orientations. (From militant gays wanting “marriage” to heterosexuals and their sex tapes that get them fame)

We live in a society that parents ”parent by pill”, and shove medications into the mouths of our children rather using a ginger disciplining hand on the backside because we are afraid that we are going to get arrested for child abuse.  And due to the side effects that these drugs can cause to the developing mind of a child (making them basically zombies) , there is a possibility if they go off their meds, they turn into a mass shooter like what we have seen time and time again.

We live in a society that wants to blame TV, video games, the internet, etc. for violence – when that same society glorifies it in the same breath (along with all the sexual glorification). I played my fair share of shooter video games (From Quake 1 to Grand Theft Auto), Do you know how many times I watch Westerns starring Clint Eastwood? (Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More [which included a rape and suicide scene], & The Good, The Bad and The Ugly]

I was exposed to weapons also before I went into the Army. Rifles, shotguns, etc.

Do you see me walking into a school and shooting it up? No – because I had the discipline of my father and mother, and my resolve in God (and I still have all of those things today) – I knew and still know right from wrong.

We live in a society that wants to remove crosses, Nativity scenes, and the phrase “under God” from the pledge, and then when something like Newtown happens, they scream “Where was God?”

So what does ANY of this have to do with the Newtown shooting (or any other mass tragedy such as this?)

We have – as a society, and in some cases individuals – cheapened life. You can abort it, criminally murder it, euthanize it, and you will ALWAYS find defenders for the actions done:

For abortion: “The pregnancy was unwanted/unplanned” (Real translation: I don’t want this responsibility)

For murder: “Oh… he/she didn’t know what they were doing.” (Real translation: It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault)

For euthanasia: “They have lived a good life, they are ready to go.” (Real translation: The old man is a bother to us, and there is a good movie going on I want to see…let’s just put him down like what we did Spot, our dog)

We get all enraged when a school shooting happens..as we should…don’t get me wrong. Those children and adults were innocent… and didn’t deserve what they received.. but how many of us get enraged over the murder of 4000 children a day due to abortion? 4000 innocent lives wiped out – on average – every day, and not a tear shed by most of us.

Is it a woman’s choice? Sure – just like it was that psychopath’s choice to walk into a school and shoot innocent kids, and we get pissed off about that, while we sit by and ignore the massacre that goes on every day in every abortion mill in America.

I DON’T CARE about what people say is the “start of life” – a life is snuffed out by abortion. Period. And why? So that whoever did it can probably go out and do exactly what they did again, and know that they have the “backdoor way” of absolving themselves. Planned Parenthood clinics are the “reconciliation room” for those who do not want to take responsibility for their actions. And please don’t bother me with the “rape, incest, endangerment of the mother” argument as those cases are so few and far between it doesn’t even register on the radar.

If a baby is ripped out of the womb, we ask no explanation, it just “a woman’s choice,” and I dare say that the violence of an abortion to the body of a child is worse than a gunshot. A gunshot doesn’t put your body through a blender. A gunshot doesn’t violently rip your body to pieces and out of your mother.

A gunshot is a far kinder form of death than what an abortion is.

This combined with all the other tragedies that happen on a daily basis with the denigrating of fatherhood and the family in total, along with the absolute abandonment of parental responsibility is why we are in this situation today.

We cry over 20 children getting gunned down in a school – but we say nothing about the way the court systems treat the majority of fathers in this nation, and systematically removing strong male figures from the lives of children of both genders.

We cry over 20 children getting gunned down in a school – but we say nothing about the drugging up of our kids with unneeded medications (in many, not all cases) – therefore suppressing the natural instincts of children because we – as a society – are just “too busy” to properly rear our children with guidance, discipline, and education from our own lives.

We will hold prayer memorials for the victims of Newtown, we will wonder why this happened.

So while 20 innocent children, and 6 adults died on Friday, and we will grieve for them, and pray for their families, just know that:

4000 children were aborted, and this number is based on Planned Parenthood’s numbers alone.

Countless children live without fathers because the way that society has stereotyped men, and demonized true fatherhood.

Countless children are drugged up out of their minds needlessly, and are the “farm team” for future shootings such as the ones we have seen over the years.

They are countless other things I could mention, but I am trying to keep this short.

Do we cry for them? Do we really want better for them? As a society in total  – I don’t think so – people who espouse these beliefs are made fun of, mocked and ridiculed. They are told by the establishment to get out of the party, then that same establishment cries like John Boehner when a tragedy like this happens, when they the public officials could have possibly done something about it, mainly by getting out of the way, and allowing people to exercise their rights as Americans.

We as parents, and God Fearing people (or moral and ethical if you are atheistic) have a choice; this is now our “right [and time] to choose.”

What is our choice going to be?