I refuse to play the blame game...

As I wake up and recover from the absolute nightmare that played out before me last night, there is one thing I am hearing, and I hate it: The blame game.

Before we were “cold in our political grave” – I was hearing pundits (even on The Blaze) start pointing fingers, and blaming the Tea Party and the choice of Paul Ryan, etc, etc, etc.

As a Tea Party founder – I refuse to take blame for this. First of all, it is unwarranted and untrue. Secondly – it is useless to do that, as that gets us nowhere right now.

We all know what is coming: ObamaCare will be fully implemented; we will probably see a couple more Supreme Court Justices step down, so there goes the court for a generation. And don’t even get me started on the energy policy.

A popular movement here in Texas is the secession movement – as a state. I personally disagree with that, but as a person, I will secede and just prepare for whatever is going to happen. I am preparing for the worst, hoping for the best.

The only thing I will say – and therefore place a little bit of blame – is all the pundits saying “Romney Landslide” – I think that suppressed the vote enough because people thought it was in the bag.

We are America – we will prevail. We are allowed to be stupid from time to time, and this is that time.

So onward to 2014, but the next 2 years will be rough.