Poetic Justice: Bush, Obama, and the two 9/11 attacks

Does anyone remember how people and conspiracy theorists spent SEVEN YEARS trying to prove that George W. Bush KNEW that 9/11/01 was going to happen and let it happen?

All those documentaries like Loose Change, that was so accurate that it had to be re-edited three times, and the editor/producer Dylan Avery changed his stance, and I think even Alex Jones has dropped it.

So seven years of trying to  destroy Bush, and sully the memory of  3000 Americans, and nothing tangible was ever produced except for stupid documentaries, and people claiming “they knew people” that knew it was all an inside job.

Today –  two emails are released approximately 6 weeks after the Benghazi attack, and we now have more concrete proof  that Obama knew that they attack was happening, and did nothing about it, or continued to pack for Las Vegas.

If that is not poetic justice, I don’t know what is. Unfortunately – 4 Americans had to die….