We should NOT get over confident

As I write this on my mother’s birthday, I have a sense of glee and euphoria about me because it seems that the polls are going Romney’s way – then I have to stop myself and think.

I have to think: Okay FIRST – the pollsters tried to depress the vote, and now I have to think they are trying to get the vote over confident.. as in: Romney has it, not need for me to go vote.

Yes – Romney kicked butt in the first debate.

Yes – Ryan held his own against a completely out of control vice president, and I think that is working in the favor of conservatives.  Ryan on Thursday was like a grandchild explaining to their grandparents why they cannot drive anymore.

I still don’t believe the polls. I never have, I never will. Whether they are negative or positive it doesn’t matter, I don’t believe them.  I don’t care if they are showing a surging for Romney… I am not going to believe it until election night, and the last state is called.

Yes there are many good things happening in them, even the multi-standard Real Clear Politics has Romney ahead overall. I still personally refuse to believe it because I do not want us to become complacent.

This is the most important election in our lifetime. I know that phrase is bandied about, but I am being for real this time, but the reason is not why many of you may think.

This vote is not a referendum on the President. This vote is a referendum on the Tea Party movement as a whole. Did we – as Tea Partiers – make a difference?

Yes – we had our 2010 victory, but have we carried through? Will we carry through?

Will we as a movement hold a President Romney JUST as accountable as we have President Obama, or will we fade off into the distance, and have the MSM say that the Tea Party movement was founded because of racism against a black president, and now a white guy is back in there, we don’t need to do anything?

These are things that – as distasteful as they are – we will have to face, and this is based on the fact that Romney can close the deal.

My personal feelings are these: I want Barack Obama politically destroyed. I want a sea of red on the electoral map. I want Barack Obama sent out of Washington on the same train that Joe Biden alleges he took while he was in the Senate. The election is November 6th, I want them gone November 7th.  (I know constitutionally, this cannot happen, but I can dream)

Obama has held the most powerful position in the free world, and he has used it in way I have never thought imaginable.

But none of this will happen if we get over-confident. Will we get a “Reagan Landslide” – probably not, but you never know.  It will definitely not happen if we get over confident.

So to all of you in the swing toss up states, talk to your neighbors, friends, family, etc. Encourage them to vote. Even if it is for Obama, have them exercise their voice. The 200 election was won by 538 votes in the populous and 1 vote on the Supreme Court.

Let’s BLOW IT OUT!!!

Here ends the  lesson