Teacher calls San Antonio Tea Party Leader a Nazi at DREAM Act Panel Discussion

(THIS ARTICLE WAS WRITTEN BY TONY KATZ of All Patriots Media/PJTV, I just wanted to post it HERE. The Video was shot by me)


A panel conversation on the DREAM Act turned nasty when a public school teacher told the panel that they want him to act like an ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Agent, and round up students who are in the country illegally. The teacher followed up by calling one of the panelists, a Hispanic Tea Party leader, a “Nazi.”

(video shot by Eric Adam of Tea Party Productions)

Jonathan Bryant, a government teacher at a local high school in the area, took the microphone and quickly made sure to recognize the kids in attendance, to which he received boisterous applause. Bryant then responded to a comment made by one of the panelists, Schuylar Crist – a supporter of the Minuteman movement and a coordinator for US Border Watch. Bryant said that it seemed that Crist wanted him, as a teacher, to act like an ICE Agent, and report students who are in the country illegally. When Crist was able to respond, he said,

“The fact of the matter is, if they’re in that classroom illegally, then the school administration has a responsibility of reporting them…under 287-G, the San Antonio police department…has that obligation.”

Bryant quickly retorted, “So you would have students in this room deported?” Crist shot back, “If they were illegal, you bet I would…in a heartbeat.”  Crist was roundly booed by the students in the room.  The moderator, KSTX reporter Hernan Rozemberg, quieted the crowd, and allowed a response from San Antonio Tea Party Leader George Rodriguez.  Rodriguez said,

Again folks, if the person is here illegally, and is breaking the law, they have broken the law or are breaking the law, what do you want us to say?  You know what I would have…I would have you teach more balanced, conservative thoughts, rather than just bringing folks that bring libreal ideals and placards here.

Without any hesitation, Bryant responded:

I mean you could just say what you are, a Nazi.

With some of his students applauding in the background, most of the room seemed to be audibly taken back by the comment.  The moderator again tried to take control of the conversation.  However, Rodriguez continued, “There it is.  There’s the hate. There’s the hate.”  Bryant shot back, “It’s an objective observation, that’s all.”

Rozemberg then tried to bring about decorum to the conversation, stating that as a teacher one needs to be, “…very careful about using those kinds of names and accusations…they may not be the best example to set for students.”

Along with Crist, Rodriguez and Rozemberg,  the rest of the panel included retired Lieutenant General – and now Democratic Senate candidate – Ricardo Sanchez, immigration attorney Marisol Perez and college student Carolina Canizales, who admits she is in the country illegally.

It is clear that Bryant knew his students were in the room, and wanted to score some cheap points with them.  Bryant could have spoken about a teacher’s responsibility, which is to teach, not deport.  But, when speaking to Crist, Bryant tried to embarrass Crist rather than engage the conversation.  All of Bryant’s words seemed poised for a set-up.

What also is clear is that Bryant, a government teacher, has no concept of what a Nazi is.  Certainly it is beyond laughable that Rodriguez could be called such a name.  But, for Bryant, those who think like him and those unfortunate enough to be his students, the term Nazi is now something you equate with someone you don’t like, rather than with a totalitarian regime that murdered 13 million people in the name of ethnic purity.

Finally, one should give kudos to Rozemberg for admonishing the words of Bryant.  However, we can put to rest any idea of “civility” and “new tone” from the vast majority of the liberal Left.  The outlandish vitriol is stronger than ever, and does not change – even in front of their students.