Why is it okay for Christie, Rubio & Bachmann to run, but not Palin?

One of the many things that irritate me about our side of the aisle is that some of us think that people who were just elected are “presidential timber.”

Many people after the election of Chris Christie – even though he hadn’t done anything yet – were saying that he needed to run for president (Ann Coulter among many)

Many people after the election of Marco Rubio – even though he hadn’t done anything yet – were saying that he needed to run for president.

Many people after the budget proposal of Paul Ryan – even though this is first real big thing he has done that has received real national attention

n (other than the Roadmap for America’s Future) – are saying that he needs to run for president. (He has said he is not going to.)

Many people are saying that Michele Bachman – because of the Tea Party Wave – should run for president…although she is another lawyer that has been a representative for 4 years.

Some were slobbering over the possibly of Mitch Daniels – Indiana’s version of John McCain – running.  

But for many of the people who say that the above SHOULD run…the same people say that Sarah Palin SHOULD NOT RUN.  

Can someone please explain this to me? I am not saying that the above people have not done good things; I am just looking for consistency here.

Palin was picked out of absolute obscurity in 2008 from Alaska. She took on things well before there was a Tea Party Movement. (Corrupt GOP party officials, Oil Companies, even the McCain Campaign HQ during the 2008 Election.)

She was Tea Party before Tea Party was cool. She never asked to be plucked from nowhere.

So what I find funny is that these people FROM NOWHERE are trying to ride the Tea Party Wave or what might even be more dangerous, some Tea Party People are trying to MAKE them ride that wave, and some are all too willing to ride it.

 But somehow, a true conservative who is just a “possible” candidate has a bus tour and ALL HELL BREAKS loose.

Why is this?

Is it because Palin is damaged goods because of the 2008 Campaign? (Which is mainly due to the McCain Campaign overall)

Is it because she is an idiot?

Is it because the country is still sexist…. And not ready for a woman president? (Obviously not is Michele Bachmann’s name is being bandied about)

Is it because she didn’t abort a handicapped kid?

Is it because Palin is just too hot looking?

It’s because Sarah Palin is truly who she is, and does not shy away from it.

Neal Boortz has stated that we lost the 2008 Election because of Sarah Palin. How is that? Was Sarah on the top of the ticket?  Did Sarah drive the agenda? Was it not John McCain’s Campaign’s responsibility to win the campaign?  

Was it was because of social conservative issues?  Boortz is a libertarian, and I respect that (hell, even in some cases, I follow the same beliefs.)

Also  Herman Cain fills in for Boortz . But that is a side topic. (By the way.. I like Cain as well.)

Why are we as conservatives so scared of people that are truly who they are?

I wrote an article right after the 2008 Election results


Do we want to go through this again? The obsession about beating someone, rather than find the right candidate. If we find the right CONSERVATIVE candidate then there won’t be a problem.

The Tea Party happened because of the lack of Constitutional government happening. It started with the Great Society of LBJ, was amplified by Roe v. Wade, and then everything that all presidents – both Republican (Nixon – EPA, OSHA) and Democrat (Healthcare, government takeovers, and just plain idiocy on foreign policy) have done to completely run this country into the ground.

(Reagan is slightly exempted from this, because he just took Congressmen at their word that they wouldn’t spend anything more)  

If it is supposedly “Christie’s time” to run [according to Erickson], wouldn’t that require him to resign, or at least take much time away from his state that it becomes a distraction? Wouldn’t Christie running for President just over a year into his term be the same as Palin running after she was picked for VP?

I am just looking for some consistency here. Don’t hate on Palin leaving Alaska Governor’s office if you think Christie should run. Palin ran for governor with no aspirations to run for VP, much less President.  

Palin would mop the floor with Obama. But then again, so would Daffy Duck. That’s not to say that Palin is Daffy Duck, but I think you know what I mean.    

[Damn it, just as I am writing this, Rush is on roll that is echoing this.]

We need to drop this whole thing of “finding the person that can beat Obama.” A true conservative will beat Obama. We already tried the whole “someone who can reach across the aisle” candidate, and look what we got.

Now Vinny (at 1:34 PM EDT) is saying on Rush that Sarah can’t do it. But he is from NY, even though he is saying that he is a conservative. REALLY? 

Geeze, people get a grip.  She hasn’t been destroyed. If she’s is destroyed, why is she still able to pull the crowds that she does? And even at that.. if the MEDIA  destroys a conservative person..what does that mean? If the media hates someone… well.. I rest my case.