Rehash Topic: When do skeletons turn to dust?

I know this isn’t really a “discussion forum” but I do have to ask:

A long time ago I wrote the following:

When do “skeleton bones” turn to dust?

I mean is there anything that a conservative can overcome when it comes to stupid actions of their youth?

I just throw this out there. I am talking about things like DWIs, bankruptcy, etc. etc. Nothing like felonious.. but just maybe embarassing.”

I ask this again because mainly of Christine O’Donnell and a couple of other candidates. Rand Paul had the same thing done to him, and he won. O’Donnell had clips from a stupid show brought up, and it sank her.

The main difference between Paul and O’Donnell is that O’Donnell actually said those things (as innocuous/taken out of context as they were), and the stuff about Rand Paul was mainly made up.

So after we have the the literal trashing of many conservative (mainly women) candidates during the 2010 election cycle, I ask again: is there anytime that skeletons really go away? Or is there any legitmate way to explain them away?


Get behind on taxes or child support in your lifetime, and even if you pay it off.. would that ever be satisfied?

Go into Ch 13 Bankruptcy – have it properly discharged? Is that a permanent black eye?

Or does is it more imprtant on how you handle the media in general?

If you constantly say “no comment”, then they will think that you have something to hide, and will dig deeper.

If you go out and own it, then it just becomes fuel for the fodder.

So I just thought I would thow this out there again.