Who is Glenn's Mystery Guest?

Glenn has been alluding to a special suprise guest at the Restoring Honor Rally Today.

Could it be Rush? Dunno… he is supposedly already out in Hawaii.. but he did say that he had to go to another city to pick up some friends.

Could it be Bush 43? Probably not since Glenn had some problems with Bush’s spending, however, W had much more honor about him when it came to the presidency.

He already has Palin, and he said that for security reasons he couldn’t let it be known.

Glenn said on the radio that people were expecting Pope Benedict XVI to be this mystery guest… .. I don’t think so.

Oh well.. we will find out later. Just some musings early in the morning as I am trying to fight off an allergy cold. 

Of course.. it could be our own Erick Erickson…. 🙂

OH and CSPAN will be covering!

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