Don't send coins to Stupak - send them to his Opponent (AKA Why is anyone suprised by the Stupak 12?)

I was at a San Antonio Tea Party Debate, and as I was driving home, I heard that Stupak 12 caved.

So why is everyone suprised? Why is everyone calling Stupak a “Judas?” To be a Judas, you were first have to be a disciple.  Stupak was never a “disciple” – he tried to goad the right side of the aisle with his language about abortion – which is welcomed, but I think just lip service.

But see how quickly he caved? This promise of an executive order… whatever. That’s going to come from the same President that repealed the Mexico City Executive order within a couple of days of office? All that did was give Stupak some sort of “alleged” poltical cover.

We all know that Barack will not issue that executive order.

Instead of sending coins to Stupak to show him as a “Judas” – send those coins to his opponent : Dr. Dan Benishek

My main question is: Why is everyone suprised? HE IS A DEMOCRAT! DEMOCRATS ARE DEMOCRATS FIRST!

Don’t waste your time sending Stupak coins.. send money to his opponent. These symbolic gestures don’t mean anything to them. You send coins to Stupak, they will just spend them in defeating Dr. Dan Benishek.

I am in Texas.. so obviously he is not in my district.

I just want to know why everone is suprised.

Never quit.. never waver… and we WILL prevail.