Video Mentioned/Linked on Rush, but referrals on YouTube are not being counted!

Hey Guys,

I made a “Hitler Finds out” video about Hitler learning that Rush won the dance contest at the Miss America contest. Rush mentioned it on his show, and has even linked to it. Over the past 8 hours, I have – according to youtube – only gotten about 200 additional hits. It was 1399 when Rush mentioned it, it is just now 1,523

I have gotten almost as many comments as I have hits, which is unheard of in my mind and experience.

This is not a want for an ego stroke. I just want YT to count the hits that may come from Rush’s site. If the most listened to talk show host in America links to a video, I would think that those hits would be counted. 

I posted my 9/12 March video on here- redstate.com – and it skyrocketed. I would think the same would come from the website of the #1 Radio host in the country.

I am not trying to be whiny, and I understand if I sound like that to some.. but I do think tha tI am on to something here.  

So therefore, I embed the video here, and I ask my fellow RedStaters for help.

I will try and get through to Rush tomorrow, but I know that will be a chore.