Conservative / 9/12 Pledge Video: Let's Do it in DC!

Eight Months ago, right after the insipid “Pledge Video” came out,  I tried to rally people to to make a counter pledge video. This was way before the 9/12 project got started and even the Tea Party’s.

We all got involved in the post-Santelli Rant Tea Party momentum, and the Pledge Video got somewhat lost in the mix.

Now that the “Hollywood pledge” video has resurfaced, I am renewing the call to do a counter one, but we do it in DC.

I will be going to the 9/12 March in Washington, as I am sure many people here will be. I will not be arriving in DC until 9/10, so we couldn’t shoot it until 9/11. I understand that we all will probably will want to remain solemn, but I think that 9/11 would be a perfect day to do the pledge video, using the scenery of DC – OUR CAPITOL – to do a counter one.

Now – in addition to enforcing many conservative/founding  principles – I also think it should be a little fun… one line I have in mind is:

“I pledge to help control bovine overpopulation by eating meat on a daily basis.”

If you are interested, please email me at: [email protected] 

Even if you can’t join in the video, if you just want to submit a “counter pledge”, thats good too. (Mark sure you give me your name so I can give you proper credit. Here are some of the ones I came with several months ago:

pledge I will teach a man to fish rather than give him one.

I pledge to be the voice for the 50 million unborn children murdered by abortion.

 I pledge to continue to be the American I have always been.

 I pledge to never give just a finger, but a hand to my fellow man.

 I pledge to bring awareness to mental disease, such as liberalism.

 I pledge to continue using plastic.

I pledge to laugh at celebrities who say they still go to the grocery store.

 I pledge to keep driving my SUV, because what I drive shouldn’t be determined by government.

 I pledge to keep believing God has control over this planet, not man.

 I pledge to buy enough products to use 500 trees this year to stimulate the economy

 I pledge to run a business to make more green, not to be green.

 I pledge to have my lights on as long as I want them to be, because it’s no one’s business how I run my home.

 I pledge that I will continue to drive 5 miles over the speed limit, and pay the ticket if I am pulled over.

 I pledge to make sure that real art is taught, and not art made of elephant dung.

 I pledge service to my country, and not to just one man.

 I pledge to make sure that it’s a government controlled by people, and not the other way around.

I pledge to continue to support members of the military AND the mission that they are doing. [This was noticeably absent from the liberal video]

There are several more, but these were just off the top of my head as I was watching that insipid creation those idiots made.