Calling all RedStater's in the San Antonio Area: The Conservative Pledge

This is a direct reference to Aglanon’s Conservative Pledge Post. I – just as many – wouldn’t have probably heard about this without his post.

I want to do a rebuttal to this. One in a mocking/humorous way, but another one is a serious tone.

The opening would be some lines from Reagan’s “Time of Choosing” or First Inaugural. It would be a direct parody of the “Celebrity Presidential Pledge”

I would need people to be able to get together so we could do this in almost the exact way that these idiots did it.

I am also looking for suggestions for music.

I am also not against people recording snippets themselves and sending them in, but the standard would be pretty high so we don’t get nothing but of you “headset wearing, webcam video”

Here are the pledges that I wrote down in direct rebuttal of what those celebutards said:

I pledge I will teach a man to fish rather than give him one.

I pledge to be the voice for the 50 million unborn children murdered by abortion.

 I pledge to continue to be the American I have always been.

 I pledge to never give just a finger, but a hand to my fellow man.

 I pledge to bring awareness to mental disease, such as liberalism.

 I pledge to continue using plastic.

I pledge to laugh at celebrities who say they still go to the grocery store.

 I pledge to keep driving my SUV, because what I drive shouldn’t be determined by government.

 I pledge to keep believing God has control over this planet, not man.

 I pledge to buy enough products to use 500 trees this year to stimulate the economy

 I pledge to run a business to make more green, not to be green.

 I pledge to have my lights on as long as I want them to be, because it’s no one’s business how I run my home.

 I pledge that I will continue to drive 5 miles over the speed limit, and pay the ticket if I am pulled over.

 I pledge to make sure that real art is taught, and not art made of elephant dung.

 I pledge service to my country, and not to just one man.

 I pledge to make sure that it’s a government controlled by people, and not the other way around.

I pledge to continue to support members of the military AND the mission that they are doing. [This was noticeably absent from the liberal video]

There are several more, but these were just off the top of my head as I was watching that insipid creation those idiots made.

So email me at [email protected] or respond here. Kender McGowan is wanting to do this, and we have been emailing back and forth.

I think we could definitely illustrate some absurdity by being absurd in one aspect, but we could also show many other conservatives that we are not alone, and we should not be ashamed. That we will fight, and not lay down like the GOP in congress.