Everyone's Favorite 'Phony Soldier' has concocted another story to justify his lie.

Jesse Macbeth has spoken out:


I really don’t want to give this guy any more publicity than what he already has received, but this is so full of holes and ambiguity. The only ounce of truth is how he lied after his supposed “torturing” in basic.  (more)

Lets go ahead and say that all this “torturing” actually happened. If he went to a chaplain or doctor, they are required by the UCMJ to investigate. Even if they didn’t, he could have gone to the IG. The chaplain would not have taken him in front of the CO to start with, he would have contacted other officers (IG, JAG, etc)

He doesn’t give the training post name. He gives the unit of the 1st platoon, Delta Company, 247th Battalion (Roughriders). For those who don’t know – Roughriders is a VERY common platoon nickname. I did a quick Google search, and I also search some of Basic Training installation for the 247th: nada, zip, zero. (I am not saying that it doesn’t exist, I am just saying I can’t find it just right off)

He wonders why he was put on the “13th Floor” (psych ward)? That’s  because he – allegedly – tried to commit suicide. He was discharged due to what would be an OBVIOUS mental condition. Happens all the time.. and he probably got a general or medical discharge. (Notice that he doesn’t specify what discharge he got.)

And correct me if I am wrong, but that looks like a Christmas Wreath over his left shoulder. I don’t think Muslims hang Christmas Wreaths. Maybe is a bundt cake mold. (Thats just a nit-pick, but still interesting)

I did almost 10 years with the Army, so I do have some knowledge, if some of you “20 Year” guys want to chime in, I would love to hear/read it. Especially if you were a chaplain or drill sergeant. This was just a quick viewing, and what I found to be blatantly false or misleading.

I give him credit for apologizing, but I think the reasons he gave for why he did what he did are just lies on top of more lies. And how long did it take him to do this? Over a year? The whole thing is just bizarre.

Then just yesterday, he posted this about IVAW.

So now it seems like he is trying to play the victim card. The one thing that doesn’t make sense is how the IVAW did notice that all of his military pictures were so grotesquely fake.

The second video is just him trying to play out the victim aspect. He starts on the “torturing” routine again.

I do somewhat feel sorry for the kid, but geeze… he’s gotta buck up and take responsibility for what he did, and not try to blame others like his Drill Sergeants and IVAW.