FLASHBACK: 2008 Conservatism and Global Climate Change

Note: This was a post I made back in Jan-Feb of this year.

My Fellow American Conservatives,

I am going to write/talk about two controversial and seemingly unrelated things: The State of Our Party and the fallacy of Global Climate Change.

In November 2008, we have a choice to make; we will – as American Conservatives – determine what will happen to this country. This special place we call America.

[more]We are told on a daily basis how we – as Americans – are ruining this God given gift we call our planet.

We are told that if we do not drive certain hybrid cars, that we will destroy the Earth.

We are told that if we do not find an alternative for oil, then we are doomed to end up on the “ash heap of history.”

We are told – in some sort of flagrant arrogance – that we as mere humans can control God’s creation and we are God and we can ruin this planet we call home, and if we don’t do certain things the world will end.

This Earth has three layers: The Crust, the Mantle and the Core. The Crust Moves from left to right often. The Mantle – the thickest part – flows and fluxes. But the Core – it never moves, but it eventually controls everything that the mantle and crust do.

Yes, we should be good stewards of our planet, but we should not sacrifice God given freedoms in its name. We are the stewards of this planet; we are not controllers of it.

Much of the hysteria now about our planet has its roots in the 1970’s when instead of global warming, environmentalists were worried about global cooling.

You must be wondering what does any of this have to do with November 2008?

I will now tell you.

Conservatism – at its core – does not change, just as the Earth – at her core – does not change. The crust of conservatism is the Republican Party.

No matter what violent storms may happen on the ground or the sky, no matter what violent eruptions may happen in the volcanoes of the House, or the Earthquakes of the Senate, Conservatism – at its Core – survives with that burning core passion that controls all.

Just as with the environmental movement in the 70s , the Republican party was experiencing a “cooling cycle” in it’s conservatism which gave us an establishment Republican in Gerald Ford. A good man, but not a conservative.

Today the environmentalists say that the Earth is warming up, and today’s Republican party has much hot air coming out of it that many people in our party are expecting us to swallow.

We are told by the environmentalists that we as American’s need to change our lifestyles in order to save something that is not in danger – our planet, which we are stewards of, but we cannot control.

Likewise, we are being told by the establishment in our own party that we – as conservatives – need to accept “hybrid conservatism” which looks like conservatism on its face, but at its core is nothing more than liberal intentions in order to prevent the “end level event” of Hillary Clinton being elected.

We are now told that we – as American Conservatives – need to accept a “hybrid conservative” like John McCain.

My fellow Conservatives…”I utterly reject those views.”

He wants to punish the rich such as Mitt Romney, who has lived the American Dream, and rail on the private sector stating that “profit is not patriotic,” and vote against tax cuts.

He wants to punish the First Amendment with McCain-Feingold, but yet not practice that law himself.

He wanted to give amnesty – although he denies it now – to millions of people who don’t belong here, in a back room deal. (McCain-Kennedy)

He wants to bring terrorists from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, to America, give terrorists lawyers, and constitutional protections.

He wants to shut down Guantanamo Bay, and prevent interrogation tactics such as water-boarding., which has help in garnering information to protect our country.

He wants to tax us for our “carbon presence”, therefore stifling our ability to live (McCain-Lieberman)

He – just as the environmentalists do about the planet – distort, lie about, and twist the records and words of other people.

He is a “hybrid republican,” but just as the hybrid car is filled with good intentions, this man is filled with liberal intentions that will destroy our party and our country. He claims that he enlisted as a foot-soldier in the Reagan revolution. Well, even the Revolutionary War had Benedict Arnold, who betrayed this country. John McCain is the current day Benedict Arnold in the Reagan Revolution, and he is about to betray this party, and the idea of conservatism.

We conservatives cannot allow this man to seize control of our party, we have a decision to make on February 5th. If you vote for Huckabee or Paul, you are voting for McCain.

Conservatives: Rally behind Mitt Romney, and stop this maniac of McCain from destroying this party.