We lost this because of our own obsession…

We lost this because of our own obsession…

I intentionally embargoed myself from posting this because I didn’t want to be an example of “depressing” the vote.

So therefore, as I sit here and watch election results come in, and I see an Obama victory. I have one question to ask:[continued]

Are all you “redstate.com’ers” happy about your obsession with nominating McCain because he was “the only one that could beat Hillary or Barack?”

I was a Romney supporter…don’t you think that he would be doing much better right now given the economic situation? Not that any of us could have foreseen the meltdown, but Romney was not an active member of the House or Senate nor attached to the sitting President. (And please… no one start talking about Romney’s Mormonism. I am a Catholic… and I did/would have voted for him)

So what happened to the “maverick”…how are you a “maverick” when you won’t even attack your political enemy for things that are BLATANTLY obvious? (J. Wright, Pflager, coal industry, redistribution of wealth, etc, etc)

Palin was a good add on… maybe because he knew he was sinking with conservatives, but after the convention, they muzzled her….badly. When I voted.. I voted for Palin…because she will be the torch bearer from now on.

I am not trying to “Monday morning quarterback” here, but I remember back in January how many people on this site were saying “McCain is the only one that can beat Hillary…” and “McCain is the only one that can be Barack.”

Hillary beat herself, and Barack was a sitting duck on so many things. McCain claimed to be a foot soldier in the Reagan Revolution. Reagan would have kicked Obama’s butt on the issues that came to light. He wouldn’t have treated any of these with kid gloves. He would have done it with respect and dignity, but he still would have addressed them in some form that would have resonated with the people.

I sincerely “hope” that you people that have been obsessed with defeating a candidate with a GOP’er because of their ability to “reach across the aisle” have learned you lesson.

You get nothing from reaching across the aisle…unless it is to crush the larynx of your vocal opposition.

We – as REAL Conservatives – have got to go back to basics. Stop reaching across the aisle. Stop walking across the aisle to only get your butt kicked.

Don’t be a product of the media…defy the media… from the get go. Don’t run an honorable campaign… run a campaign. Call your political enemy what he/she is.

The rebuilding begins tomorrow.

I hope you people who wanted someone who could woo independents and moderates are happy…it just got us four years of Barack.

May God have some sort of mercy on this country I defended for almost 10 years.

May God have mercy on the 50 million unborn babies who were murdered because of abortion..and that number is about to expand.

May the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph…..

May God have mercy on us all…