Je regrette

Okay, so yesterday in an emotional outburst over the GOP capitulation in Congress I attacked the wrong person. I did so rather vehemently and arrogantly. I blamed Sen. Ted Cruz for the defund strategy and called him, among other things, stupid.

I apologize for that. I was wrong to vent in his direction. The blame lies with the GOP Senators who cowered before Mitch McConnell. They could have stood strong and did not. My anger should be focused on them and it is today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t yesterday.

For my arrogance, I was justifiably banned from posting comments. I was called a troll, and in that instance, that is exactly what I was. I am sorry for that as well.

I have been a poster at this blog since 2006 or 2007, I can’t remember the exact date. By and large, I have been, I think, a respectful member of the community and, I believe, have added to the discussion in a good way most of the time. I would like to be reinstated as such a member. If I am forgiven and reinstated, I will check my ego at the . . . well, door, for lack of a better phrase.

So, please accept my apology as it is heartfelt.


PS – Languedoctor, jmorris, westcoastpatriette, Freedoms Truth, thank you for your comments. I can’t reply to them so I have to do it here. Again, thanks.

Apparently, I can’t up vote either. Know I up-voted all four comments.