WY-SEN: Enzi delinquent on taxes, too

I wrote this last week.

Liz Cheney made one of the most common rookie mistakes recently. She announced she was running for the U.S. Senate against popular three-term Senator Mike Enzi and didn’t make sure she had all of her Wyoming taxes paid up first.

Well guess what, U.S. Senator Mike Enzi is no paragon of virtue on this issue either. Although, Enzi’s three delinquencies on property taxes happened several years ago, he too was late on some tax payments. It’s not exactly the same thing or has the same implications on the race, but it certainly is ironic that this comes out now. I guess it proves one thing for sure; nobody is perfect, people make mistakes.

In a comment on this post I said this:

No, I don’t think it’s nit-picky. This is basic stuff. This was definitely a self-inflicted wound because it would have been so easy for Liz to prevent. All she would have had to have done is call the County Treasurer’s office and ask, “Am I current on my property taxes,” before she announced? This was sloppiness on her part.

Although the facts and circumstances are not entirely the same (Enzi has been current since 2008), the above comment applies to him as well.

Does the fact that both Enzi and Cheney were late on property taxes make a significant impact on this race? Certainly not. However, what we are seeing is both war camps lashing out trying to find anything, no matter how small, to try to undermine the other. Right now it is entertaining, but eight months from now it will be utterly annoying. My guess is nobody is really paying much attention to this race in Wyoming right now. After all, it is summer in Wyoming.

Today, though, it’s back at ya’, Mike! Those in glass houses . . .

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