TX-GOV: KBH new ad

I am not going to be a regular blogger on the Texas GOP primary battle royale.  Although, it is interesting to note that the guy I support and am working for in the Wyoming GOP primary, Ron Micheli was the director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture at the same time that Gov. Rick Perry was the head of the Texas Dempartment of Agriculture.  So, these two gentlemen know eachother and are actually friends.  Because of that little fact, this ad by Kay Bailey Huchison caught my eye.

Okay, it is a little entertaining.  However, I find this ad really to be lacking.  For crying out loud, Gov. Perry has been govenor since late 2000, so it’s not like the voters don’t know who he is.  This is the kind of ad you would run to try to define a candidate who is unknown to most voters.  An ad like this against a sitting governor who has held the office for almost 10 years seems like it would be completely ineffective and petty.

It makes me wonder if this is the kind of campaign we can expect from KBH.  If so, I wonder what her plans are for private life.