WY-GOV: Meet Ron Micheli, Wyoming's next governor

I am excited to introduce Ron Micheli to Red State.  Ron Micheli is a Republican candidate for governor in Wyoming and is exactly the kind of candidate those of us at Red State would appreciate and support.  He is a family man and small businessman with leadership experience in both the legislative and executive branches of government in Wyoming.


Ron is a true conservative!


From his web site:

Personal Freedom

Decisions should be made by those closest to the situation. This means that, to the greatest extent possible, individuals should control their lives and futures without interference from government; parents should have the first say in their family’s and children’s lives; and local elected officials should have primary control over local issues.


This also means that national politicians or unelected bureaucrats that live thousands of miles from Wyoming and who have likely never even been to Wyoming should not control and dictate Wyoming’s policies. As Governor, I will push back on the federal incursion into state’s rights. I will work to ensure that the federal government complies with the 10th Amendment and allows Wyoming the authority to control its own future.


Yes, there is more!


Wyoming’s Culture and Values

Our history of hard work, self-reliance, sacrifice, and perseverance is part of the heritage that we all enjoy. Wyoming citizens understand that these values don’t come from government programs, but are forged in the family. As Governor, I will work to strengthen and protect these values by protecting and strengthening Wyoming’s families. This means keeping our tax burden low so families can make ends meet. I will also work to protect against policies that erode traditional family values. Wyoming and America cannot continue to lead the world if we suffer from a collapse of the family.


I have a 16 year voting record in the State Legislature supporting and upholding the sanctity of human life. I sponsored and carried legislation that prevented state funding of abortions except in cases of rape, incest or life of the mother. I supported and advocated for legislation to require parental notification before an abortion could be performed on a minor. I have found that on issues of life, actions speak louder than words. I am proud of my long record of protecting the sanctity of life.


Ron Micheli is a former state representative and served as Speaker Pro Tempore, Majority Floor Leader, and Majority Whip.  In addition, he served in the cabinet of Gov. Jim Geringer as Director of the Department of Agriculture.


Ron has always relied on the values of hard work, honesty and integrity to guide him in his family, his business, and his service to the people of Wyoming.  He will bring those values to the Governor’s Mansion in Cheyenne as well.


Many of you know that the current governor of Wyoming is a popular two-term Democrat.  Wyoming has a two term limit on its governor and other elected executives.  However, those term limits are statutory and are unconstitutional.  To get them reversed by the state Supreme Court would only require one of those elected official to challenge the statute in court.  The only individual who would have standing to challenge that particular statute is Gov. Dave Freudenthal in 2010.  He claims he is undecided as to his future plans.  Many say he will run and many say he won’t.  We just don’t know right now. 


Some people say that if Freudenthal runs for re-election, his is a safe seat for the Democrats.  Maybe, maybe not.  He endorsed Obama during the primaries and campaigned for him in Pennsylvania during the general election.  Notice how he didn’t do it in Wyoming?  Anyway, Obama’s cap and tax scheme would devastate the Wyoming economy and Gov. Freudenthal helped put the man in office who has it in his agenda to kill Wyoming’s carbon based energy industry.


Whether or not Freudenthal runs again is irrelevant to Ron Micheli.  Ron Micheli is a candidate for governor in Wyoming no matter who ends up running on the Democrat side.  I think that says a lot about his determination to serve Wyoming and to stand on principle no matter how long or tough the odds may be.


Ron Micheli is our kind of candidate and we should help him out!  Forward this to your friends and visit his web site; www.MicheliforGovernor.com.  While you’re there, feel free to give him advice (he’ll listen), encouragement, volunteer, and drop off a few bucks.


Wyoming is the “energy basket” of America.  Wyoming coal, oil, natural gas, and uranium help power our country and keep America’s economy at the forefront of the globe.  Saving the American economy means using Wyoming’s natural resources – all of them; coal, oil, natural gas, uranium, wind, and so forth.


So America has a stake in who the next governor of Wyoming will be.  America needs a conservative leading Wyoming to help lead our nation in adopting common sense energy policies that protects our natural environment and uses all of our natural resources.


Join Ron Micheli today! Wyoming and America needs him!