The Conservative Manifesto: Back to the Future

The following manifesto should be the official platform for the RNC, and its endorsement should be a prerequisite for every candidate they are fielding:

  1. Immediate revision of taxes on capital gains and undistributed profits in order to free investment funds.
  2. Reduced expenditures to achieve a balanced budget, and thus, to still fears deterring business expansion.
  3. An end to coercion and violence in relations between capital and labor.
  4. Opposition to “unnecessary” government competition with private enterprise.
  5. Recognition that private investment and enterprise require a reasonable profit.
  6. Safeguarding the collateral upon which credit rests.
  7. Reduction of taxes, or if this proved impossible at the moment, firm assurance of no further increases.
  8. Maintenance of state rights, home rule, and local self-government, except where proved definitely inadequate.
  9. Economical and non-political relief to unemployed with maximum local responsibility.
  10. Reliance upon the American form of government and the American system of enterprise.

Conservative readers of the points listed above will only take issue with the use of the term “violence” in item #3, but other than this, it would be a perfect platform to advance, especially in today’s political environment. It is just enumerating common sense ideas grounded in the framer’s idea of government which advances an individuality via limited government and capitalism.

However the most amazing fact about this manifesto, is that it was authored in 1937 by Sen. Josiah Bailey from North Carolina as a successful attempt to blunt FDR’s move towards collectivism via the New Deal by codifying the basis of our government, and defining the correct balance between business and government.

With exception to the labor riot reference in item #3, this manifesto is just as applicable against the current crop of Democrats in D.C, and could be used even more effectively against them by the RNC and all of its candidates running for office if they only had the wisdom to re-discover this lesson from the past.