Foreign verses Domestic Intelligence Gathering

Sit back and think about what is going on here… I mean really think about it….

The global war on terror has been shut down. We are no longer at war with the terrorists. We know who and where the Benghazi attack leaders are but do not want to grab them or else we will be saddled with sending them to Gitmo. However, El Qaeda hasn’t gotten the memo. they are still fighting. That is where we sit on a national defense perspective.

So, why is is it so imperative to spy on Americans? It is simple. We are sitting back on defense saying “Here we are! Just try and get us! We won’t fight back, we promise.”

This is not something George W Bush brought upon us and that Obama is just continuing the process. That is the Main Stream Media’s new talking point now anyway. It’s still a lie.

Why is it a lie?

It is a lie because George W Bush engaged in surveillance of FOREIGN telephone calls to try and find terrorists for the purpose of capturing or killing the terrorists BEFORE they attacked us. The criticism came in the instances if those foreign phone calls came into the United States but he was still only engaged in foreign intelligence gathering for the purpose of OFFENSIVE operations against terrorists.

Now that our government has declared the “War on Terror” over, we are playing defense and sitting back and waiting to be hit instead of going after them first. That is the VERY BIG difference.

So, now to protect the American people who are passively sitting back like sitting ducks, the US government has to strip its citizens of its civil liberties in the guise of protecting them. Isn’t that just nice of our benevolent protectors and rulers?

I am retired military. Lesson number one in any combat situation is that sitting back and waiting for the enemy to hit you is a sure fire way to lose the fight. Why? Because you give them time to set the terms of the battle. It needs to be the other way around if you want to win.

So, to sum up my thoughts. George W Bush engaged in foreign intelligence gathering so we could go on the offensive and shut down the terror networks. Now we are spying on Americans so we can sit back like sitting ducks and HOPE that spying on Americans will keep us safe.

So, who thinks our current plan to keep Americans safe will work out well? Yea, me neither.

I think this is more of the same that we have been receiving the last few years. It is more about controlling the population than it is about defeating terrorism. the same for health care. Do as you are told or you won’t get health care. Now this is the mechanism to ensure we are doing as we are told. Nicely of course…..

This is just my opinion though but that just makes me a crazy person to some.

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