South Dakota 2014 Senate Race Update

Today Former South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds announced his candidacy to run for the Senate seat currently held by Democrat Senator Tim Johnson. Tim Johnson, in response to this announcement, has also declared his intention to run for reelection as well.

The race of the two Tim’s  South Dakota Senate seat is now underway. Gov Rounds is still a very popular figure in the state. He left the Governors Mansion only due to term limits and departed with an unblemished record. Tim Johnson has also been a popular figure in the state but since his brain aneurism and subsequent surgery he has not had many public appearances in the state.

Mike Rounds is a strong social conservative and is mostly a fiscal conservative as well. He has stated that he will refuse to sign Grover Norquist’s tax pledge. However, he has a good track record in that area on the state level. Needless to say, Tim Johnson is very pro choice and has also blanket supported all the Democrat positions in the Senate. Though there may be an odd vote he went against the grain, it was never in any of the major political issues. He is a very reliable Democrat vote. So, it goes without saying, this will be a cut and dry campaign that will have very clear and sharp distinctions on the issues. Considering Mike Rounds’ popularity, the year 6 of the party held by the presidency and Tim Johnson’s lack any real accomplishments aside from holding the Democrat Party line, this is Mike Rounds’ campaign to lose.

Mike Rounds is not a Mike Lee or Ted Cruz. He is more like John Thune, the other state Senator from South Dakota. Overall for South Dakota he is a good candidate and definitely better than who is holding the seat now.

Update: It was late and I confused the name of the two brothers so I am updating the first name in the above post to the correct first name.