How Fast Will The Republican House Leadership Cave?

I originally did this as a comment to a post. However, as I typed I found myself really wanting to expound upon the line of thought. So, here it goes….

This is a good question. One that I am afraid I do not have a good answer too. If history is any indicator our illustrious House Republican Leadership, in blind terror to the prospects of being blamed for a government shutdown, will cave a fast as possible. The only issue is how fast. Unfortunately, that is the sad truth.

However, I do see a dynamic developing within Congress on this issue that may be far more helpful and definitive than most realize. Of the Republican membership in the House, 40% of them have been elected during the 2010 and this current election cycle. It is safe to say that not all but most are of the Tea Party variety. Here in lies the twist of fate that may be ‘helpful’ in a politically macabre sort of way. The caving will have to happen with the Establishment/Moderate Republicans who will join forces with the Democrats while the Tea Party membership become the opposition party. It will be a defining dynamic and make one that will make for a scintillating primary season in 2014.

The simple fact of the matter is that the Democrats in Congress have already made it known that unless the Republicans give in to a big tax hike, they will let the country go off the fiscal cliff. You already know the debt ceiling is in the same situation. We already know John Boehner has a proven track record of unimaginative political battle skills and a spine best compared to overcooked linguine. In short, the Democrats know he can be ‘had’ and they know he will come back with a very stern and determined, “We’ll get them next time!”. Its already baked into the equation.

If you will indulge me I will take all this one step further. Where will it all get us?

Yes, I am afraid the damage to our nation is too far gone for my liking. However, there will be some sweet revenge to the Moderate Republican Establishment types who sped the national destruction process along with their willing collusion with the left wing liberals. It is all in the name of ‘bipartisanship’ of course. However, liberal Democrat lite/Moderate Republican bipartisanship are one and the same. It is what it is. I am more determined than ever to make these Republicans answer for what they have done. I am to the point of not caring about fighting the Democrats, that is for another day. Right now the Republican Establishment who gave us Bob Dole, John McCain and their ilk are the people I have my sights on. They can never be allowed to do this to us, to the nation, again!

Lastly, because of the Republican’s caving in, the debt will continue to become too big, the government will descend into insolvency and we will all pay the price for their recklessness. There was a tech bubble, then there was a housing bubble. Now we have the mother of all debt bubbles. Now after this election I fear there is no hope of stopping its growth until it pops. The Democrats have the terror weapon of “Draconian Spending Cuts” to campaign on and we have Republicans in charge who are too afraid of their own shadow to do anything about it.

Remember, according to the Congressional Budget Office, in 2037 all the budget math models break down and cease to function and so will our government. The ‘people’ have figured out they can vote themselves goodies from the treasury and they are currently in the majority. The only thing left is making book on when the house of cards collapses.

That is what I see happening but it is only my opinion. I desperately want to be wrong. Right now I need the over paid spineless wonders of the House Republican Leadership to prove me wrong.