Do You Want to Easily 'Fact Check' or Research Government Information? Well, You Can't Anymore.

There is a web site created by the US Government that gives you everything you need. In fact, it is created and maintained by The US Census Bureau. It is the “The 2012 Statistical Abstract The National Data Book”. It is the central clearinghouse for all facts and information on the US Government.

However, there is one problem. As of October 1, 2011, the site will not have any additional information posted to it. Yup, budget cuts. Of all the things to cut, one of the first to go is a web site that informs the public on all the pertinent facts and figures the citizenry needs to easily stay informed.

Thankfully, at least the information that is there will stay there for the time being, but no new information will be posted there. I wrote my Senator and Congressman and asked them why transparency had to be one of the first things on the chopping block when it is a minimal budget item. We need to keep in mind that the Census Bureau is an agency administered under the White House. I am certain one of the first things the democrats in charge want is minimal information availability to document the damage they have done, especially going into a devastating election season for them.

It is amazing what is there. There is everything from economics data, job data, federal outlays down to the detailed function as well as finance data down to the county level across the country. There is election data, education data, law enforcement and prison data, and I can go on and on. It’s all there, but not anymore. The administration decided it was not important for us to receive this information anymore.