I Submitted a Question to CNN for the Presidential Debate

I Submitted a Question to CNN for the Presidential Debate.

I seriously do not expect my question to be asked, but if it does get asked by some miracle, it would be hugely instructive of the economics acumen of the presidential candidates. It would also be huge for the voters in the primaries in their decision making on who to vote for and why.

The question is real simple:

All, if not most of the Republican candidates have presented, or at least spoke about their ‘plans’ to put American’s back to work. I would like to ask each of the candidates what underlying economic principles they used in guiding the development of their plans.  Do they use Keynesian economic principles, or do they use Milton Friedman style economic principles, and why?

To have a candidate that can actually know the difference in the styles of economic principles would be huge, never mind for them to be able deliver a coherent answer as well.

Like I said, I do not expect the question to be asked, but I would give a lot to be able to get it put to them and hear their answer. Erick, if this could be included in your sit down with any of the candidates who except your offer, that would be great too. I would just love to hear their answer.

Here is hoping and not expecting the changie thingie. I know it won’t be asked.