The Constitutional Fetish and the Historical Turn of Events

-My How Times Have Changed-

The United States, as a result of the election result in November 2010, has taken a turn into the ridiculous, if not just plain surreal. However, this may not be such a bad thing at this point. Please allow me to explain.

If you look at the current reaction to the Republicans in Congress opening the new session with a reading of the constitution, most Americans would be a bit dumbfounded or amazed, or probably both could more aptly describe it. The reaction in the news media is another gift from the state controlled media and the political left in my opinion. One of the things that has characterized the last two years in this country’s politics is that the mask has been removed from the left and the news media. Americans can now see them openly for what they are, and see their disdain for this country and its founding.

Alex Altman in his Time Magazine article openly laments the “Cult of the Constitution”. In this article it is lamented that the Constitution is flawed and is needing to change with the times:

“The Constitution is a remarkable document, and eminently worthy of the reverence heaped on it, but it’s also flawed. Despite their genius, the framers were fallible. Law professor Sanford Levinson wrote a book called “Our Undemocratic Constitution” which points out some of these flaws-including its treatment of slavery, which the House papered over today.”

But the notion that our governing document should never evolve has always struck me as mildly insane.

I suppose he forgot that there is an amendment about abolishing slavery. I do believe the amendment process is where the “evolving” is suppose to occur, but I am certain that is not what is intended here, but I digress on that point.

Mr. Altman is making the same classic case that was made by the Washington Post columnist, and MSNBC contributor Ezra Klein by stating on air,

“My friends on the right don’t like to hear this, but the Constitution is not a clear document. Written 100 years ago, when America had 13 states and very different problems, it rarely speaks directly to the questions we ask it. The Second Amendment, for instance, says nothing about keeping a gun in the home if you’ve not signed up with a “well-regulated militia,” but interpreting the Second Amendment broadly has been important to those who want to bear arms. And so they’ve done it.”

The left will bend the words to mean what they want them to mean and will make any argument so as to include dismissing the document itself to justify what they want to do to this country. Even the left leaning members of the Supreme Court had the audacity to use the law of another country to justify one of their rulings. The founder’s original intent is only an obstacle to be over come and it is not something to be considered. That scares me.

The really interesting part is that five years ago, the news media and the members of the left, did not feel so dismissive about the Constitution. In the wake of the New York Times articles by James Rison making it publicly known that the United States has an eavesdropping program for suspected terrorists, and that there was another article exposing a program to track terrorist financial transactions, the left and the news media were apoplectic. Even though the programs were legal, it didn’t matter to them. It was another tool to use to hammer the president whom they despised. This is where the screaming for President Bush’s impeachment reached a fever pitch for violating the Constitution. It seems that they felt that these programs were violating the constitutional right to privacy and unreasonable search and seizure of the combatants we are fighting. That boggles my mind. At this time, the Constitution was a sacred document to be upheld, even if they are enemy soldiers on the battle field, but the constitution is always sacred when it serves their purposes. Otherwise, on another day it is a living and breathing document that must change with the times so that it doesn’t get in the way of their transformation of this country into a socialist utopia. Situational ethics is a beautiful thing to the left.

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh, and he played an audio clip of a journalist who said that maybe it is good that the Republicans are reading the Constitution because it will remind them of the right to privacy of Americans. He  obviously has not read it since he did not know that it does not not explicitly state that the constitution. The right to privacy, established in Griswold vs Connecticut, like the separation of church and state are court decisions that derived these terms. The right to privacy was established in Most Americans who get a public education are also ignorant of these basic matters too. It appears that he needs to read it himself, as do a great many other people.

However, most of the members of the Democrat party and the news media, but I repeat myself, did not stay for its reading in Congress. The open display of contempt for that document and dismissal for what it contains is on full display for everyone to watch. Most democrats did not even attend the reading, though some attended and participated. One Democrat Congressman “objected to the reading of the Constitution on the house floor! The mask is still off and the American people are still watching. Everyone is seeing the press and the members of the Democrat party are not hiding it. Why should they hide it? These people are not afraid to remain in the open about it. They do believe that the victory in 2008 shows that they are correct in their beliefs.

However, the “advisers” have sold them a bill of goods in the form that all that was wrong in the 2010 elections was the “message didn’t get out” or “the message was not framed right”. Oh the message got out and the framing wasn’t the problem. The problem is that they do not understand that the American people are not so dumb. Ronald Reagan was absolutely correct; we can trust the American people to make the right decisions. He knew it, and so do I, the problem, or in our case, the blessing is that the Democrats and the left do not get it. It is the gift that keeps on giving. I think it is safe to say that people are not missing what is on display.

The only concern that I have is that the establishment Republican members of Congress don’t forget that their being watched. They are the ones that worry me.