The Left Is Stunned That Obama Magic Has Not Made The World Love Us Again!

It seems that the left has now received the good news about how the world loves us. All these years it was the evil Bush-Hitler that made them hate us. The last eight years we were told that if we could only get rid of the evil that was the Bush Presidency, the world would sing kumbaya and love us again.

Well, the left got the very thing they have been begging for in a president who transcends hate and evil and is all aboard on the love train. He is dismantling Gitmo, telling Al Arabia that the US was wrong to dictate and he is changing that policy. He is pulling out of Iraq and healing the wounds of US aggression from the Bush-Hitler presidency years. He is giving them everything they have wanted and stopping everything they said was wrong – well sort of anyway.

Now the shocking news that the world still does not love us has arrived! That is just not supposed to happen! The left fought for the very thing the world wanted to make them love us again, and they delivered. Why do they still hate us?

According to a new BBC poll, those ungrateful foreigners have embraced America’s new president without really changing their opinion of the United States as a whole.

Gee, how did that happen? Maybe it wasn’t Bush-Hitler!

Scratch below those numbers and underneath the negativity you find a great respect for the ideals on which this country is founded. Universally people around the world have a deep, positive attitude towards America’s commitment to democracy, the rule of law, human rights, and free speech. This is what America is perceived to stand for and it is, ironically, the very source of the disappointment.

The very thing that confuses me is the “Death to America” crowd who would submit to Sharia Law so that they do not offend Muslims; want the US to lead the way down the road to political correctness as the price to be paid so that we are loved again.

If you love someone for their shining moral example and then they go rob a bank, you are far more disappointed than if the object of your adoration had been a well-known scoundrel.

Even with Mr. Obama in the White House we are still viewed as criminal bank robbers who need to say they are sorry. I guess that here in the United States we actually had the gall to fight the terrorists. That was our crime. It is in the same category as Israel attacking Gaza and Hamas after hundreds of rockets rain down on civilians in their cities. Israel is the criminal for not accepting the rocket barrage peacefully, and the United States is evil for not accepting terrorist attacks peacefully too.

We have elected “The One” but we have not shown submission to the world yet, that is the price to be paid to be loved by the world again.

If this is the price to be paid, I don’t want to be loved. I want to be feared so that I can live in peace because the terrorists are too afraid to attack us again.