Obama Reaches for The Magical 60th Vote in The Senate

I just read that Senator Judd Gregg is going to be Obama’s pick for Commerce Secratary. I feel it is very dafe to assume that Gregg will accept this nomination. Since New Hampshire has a Democrat Governor I expect a Democrat to be appointed to replace him. However, they may appoint a very liberal Republican that will equate to the same voting outcome.

A White House official has also confirmed that Sen. Judd Gregg is President Barack Obama’s choice for Commerce Secretary, and said an announcement is set for Tuesday morning.

Gregg is a New Hampshire senator who would be the third Republican to join Obama’s Cabinet, if confirmed. The others are Defense Secretary Robert Gates and Transportation Secretary Ray Lahood.

Gregg signaled Monday that he would only leave the Senate if he’s replaced by another Republican.

In today’s day and age of Republican being a very flexable term now, I expect it to be a liberal squish spine who will vote Democrat in the name of bipartisainship at every turn.