The Republican Congressional Delegation: Spineless Obama Sycophants and Justification to Continue the Republican Blood Bath at the Polls

Rush Limbaugh now has taken a new tone in the wake of the last election and caving of Republican’s in Washington. He refers to himself as the “Last Man Standing”. Thankfully with people like Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal and Haley Barbour he is not the last man standing. However, the word picture of the title is very reflective of how most members of the Republican base feel right now. We feel alone and abandoned by people we thought were elected to represent us and our conservative ideals. How wrong we were.

Now the disgust with what so called conservative politicians in Washington have done to us in the wake of the last two elections sets in. The nausea is almost overwhelming, and makes a person want to walk away and abandon the whole effort, but maybe that is what they want us to do. I want to scream because these people have been through two election cycles where Democrat Lite as the Republican platform to campaign on has killed them. Are they really this blind and dumb? At least Republicans can be spineless liberals along with the Democrats who are liberals with a spine. They make a good couple.

The effort to start the rebuilding of the party at the grassroots level is all we have left for a strategy. We must completely ignore and abandon the Republicans who currently hold office. They are the people who betrayed us for the last time (I am referring to their caving into Obama this month).

Now in respects to my title and continuing of the blood bath at the polls, I am not referring to surrendering to the Democrats either. I am specifically addressing a blood bath in the primaries. We need to primary these people. We also need to go into it fully understanding that the resources of the Republican Party will be arrayed against any primary challengers to the incumbents.

A good example is with respects to a conservative challenger to Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania. I have searched for a link to put here, but I do remember something being reported that Snarl’n Arlen will be having a conservative challenger in his reelection bid. If this is true, this could be a very good thing. We really need to do more of this. We also really need to have this challengers come to the forefront now, so there is a full two years of preparation done to run against them.

Here in South Dakota they put up challengers against our Democrat Congressional Delegation 6 months before the election. Needless to say, they die even before they come out of the gate and the election is over even before it starts. Unfortunately, with all the money taken out of elections with CFR, challengers are killed off with a total inability to raise money quickly. However, incumbents are rubbing elbows with the money types all year long and have all the money they need at election time. Primary Challenger Rule #1: Declare the day after an election and start raising money for the next election, or accept the facts that they are a sacrificial offering on a political alter. Sitting politicians were not stupid. The CFR was an incumbent protection act more than anything else. Challengers have to over come that handicap and time is the only method remaining to keep up and stand a chance. They need time for getting in the news and building name recognition, and they need time to raise money. Challengers do not have the ability to hold $2500.00 a plate fund raisers with fat cat lobbyists through out the year, and still have the national party apparatus available to them still. They need to pass the hat at local campaign rallies. It is smaller and slower to raise the same amount of money.

One more thought about all of this. Delivering challengers to start the fund raising process now also sends a message with the support of the base. It also let’s sitting politicians know that we are angry with their spineless behavior in Congress now!