The Technological Revolution and the Fairness Doctrine

I know there has been much debate about the Fairness Doctrine and the Left’s desire to crush dissenting voices, especially the silencing Rush Limbaugh and conservative talk radio. During the 1980’s under Ronald Reagan when the Fairness Doctrine was lifted, there was no Internet that had the ability to transmit web radio. There also was not any such creation as satellite radio either. Why do I make mention of these mediums? Please do not think I am not worried about the Fairness Doctrine, because I most certainly concerned and I have desire to fight it.

During the 1990’s there became a growing scourge of the music industry. It was called file sharing and the evil MP-3 music creation. It became the source of the very real threat to the music industry’s survival. However, the answer to this digital music explosion was I-Tunes. Then came Rhapsody and Amazon.com and the music industry that was dying became reborn, though the music CD started on its path to meet the vinyl LP album.

Then there was Campaign Finance Reform lead by our illustrious conservative stalwart [heavy snark] John McCain. (Okay what does this have to do with the Fairness Doctrine? Hang with me, I am getting there) When campaign finance reform came on the scene to “take the money out of politics” the money founds its way into those lovely organizations that are known as 501(c)4 / 527 according to the tax code section they fall under. So, not only did the money not get taken out of politics, but rather it created avenues for even more money in politics.

The two examples I cited above are examples that just happen to fall under the categories of “the law of unintended consequences” and “water follows the path of least resistance”. In the age of Facebook, Twitter, web radio, and XM radio, I do believe that the Fairness Doctrine could have some unintended consequences. I will repeat myself to ensure no one misunderstands me, I do think the Fairness Doctrine is a threat and must be opposed, but with that said, I don’t think it will mean the end of conservative communications to the masses.

Just as music went digital and campaign money went 501(c)4 and grew, I do believe that the awakening of the conservative movement to the technological age will also yield to as of yet unknown mediums to spread to the masses. It won’t die, but will weaken and then come back in ways the democrats will be even less able to control and grow. Who knows, with the news media going full into the tank for Obama, maybe it will lead the way for the growth of conservative voices rising in what were traditional liberal controlled areas? Something tells me Fox News cable dominance will not be an isolated occurrence. Smart people know where to invest money if it sells. Maybe this may be an up and coming medium for conservatives. It is hard to say. Only time will tell.

Something tells me Rush and Sean Hannity will still make the liberals scream however they circumnavigate the new rules that may be coming.

This is just my opinion.