Creating a Transparent Government

I know our current President has made a transparent government one of his campaign slogans. I am glad to hear it, but I am very skeptical that he actually means it in a non partisan way. He only means transparent on any dirt of Republicans they can find.

There have been many ways proposed to create a transparent government. An example is the earmark reform lip service in Congress that was anything but reform. However, I do think there is one way to get a truly transparent government. I propose a constitutional amendment. I know it won’t happen, but I would propose it just the same.

Now before I write it out here, I want everyone to know I am not a lawyer, nor do I have any legal training beyond doing my own taxes, and I call a CPA I grew up with for advice to make sure I get it right. So, please do not rip me apart for my lack of knowledge in this area. I am asking for advice to clean it up if you see any deficiencies.

Now with all that said, imagine conservatives across the country campaigning on promising to initiate this amendment and how the public will react to it.

All Legislation brought before Congress that contains provisions affecting taxation or spending, must be posted to the Congressional web site in searchable format in its entirety for no less than ten calendar days. The public posting of said legislation must occur before it is voted upon for final passage and sent to the president for signature.

Once said legislation is posted to the internet for public viewing, no changes to the legislation may occur with the exception of grammar and spelling changes that do not affect its meaning. If changes are made that affect the proposed legislation’s meaning in any manner, the legislation with its changes must be resubmitted for an additional 10 calendar days for public viewing on the internet before being voted upon by either chamber of Congress.

The ten day viewing period may be waived by The President of the United States and Congress in concert to legislation that pertains to a National Emergency or Natural Disaster. The first action is the President of the United States must declare a National Emergency or a Natural Disaster Area. The second action must be that the Congress in both chambers, by two thirds majority vote acknowledges the declared Disaster or Emergency to waive the viewing period. This must be done for each piece of legislation that is being considered for waving the viewing period.

This would do more to clean up government than a lot of other proposals would, but that is just my opinion.