Conservatives Escaping the Winderness

I am typing this post as an impromptu post. It may wander some, but I will do my best to keep it focused.

In the General War on Terror, we came to realize that the terrorists had declared war against us, and were actively engaged in it long before we even bothered to pay attention and lift a finger about it. However, it took 911 for us to actually pay attention to their declaration of war against us ten years earlier. This election, and the criticisms of conservatives and especially the treatment of Sara Palin by “Republicans” has finally crossed a line.

In the Republican Party a similar situation, though not as deadly, has been going on since 1994. When Ronald Reagan came to power, it signaled a shift from old style Republican politics to a new conservative era sparked by Barry Goldwater. However, the Democrats still controlled Congress. The fact Reagan won and stood for something new in the American political landscape was to forever change things, and not just for the Democrats.There has always been a faction of Republicans who shared an uneasy alliance with “conservative” Republicans. These are typically referred to as “Rockefeller” Republicans. This is the moderate faction in the party. These normally have been good and decent politicians who felt differently than conservatives on principles. However, they shared enough in common to want to align together to share common goals.

Until the Reagan Revolution, the moderates had always been the dominate faction of the party, and always professed a desire to having “gentlemanly” relations with the opposition. There is nothing wrong with this preferred style of governance, if the other side believes in it too. Rep. Bob Micheal was famous for being just such a politician. It has been said that as long as he got his share of the pie for the Republican members, and his tee times with Tip O’Neal, he was content as the minority leader and didn’t want to rock the boat.

Then a politician who came to Congress as part of the Reagan Revolution quickly realized that this was not good for the country if we, as Republicans actually believed certain ideals of governance.

I once heard a pastor give a sermon, and part of that sermon recalled a meeting he had with one of his church members when he was asked to pray with them about their desire to have a baby. He ever so slightly balked, not wanting to do anything to disappoint them with hopes that may not materialize. The man noticed it. Then stated something that has marked his attitude about his beliefs since that moment. The man stated, “Either we believe God can do this, or we are just playing church”. Think about that for a moment. “Either we believe God can do this, or we are just playing church”.

This post is about politics, and not religious beliefs. However, the fundamental question still applies. Do we really believe what we believe, or are we just playing “politics”?

There comes a time when we are all tested. At that point, we have to look deep inside ourselves and ask what it is we truly believe. We need to act upon those beliefs or walk away from the game. There is no need in wasting our time just playing a game.

This Congressman, his name being Newt Gingrich, didn’t believe in just playing “politics”. He actually meant it! Then he did something about it. He engineered the take over of Congress by Republicans in 1994.

The moderate faction of the Republican Party was not happy about it either. They wanted their party back under their control and decided to do something about it. The started a group now know as The Republican Main Street Partnership. The stated objective of this group is to combat conservatism!

They have been at war, although a cold war mostly, against conservatives ever since. This same group has preached that it is better to reach across the isle and “work with Democrats” in the name of bipartisanship at the same time.

What kind of warped psychology does a person have to have to wage war against their own party, and actively work to establish a friendship with people who want you politically destroyed?

Now as conservatives, we must not, under any circumstances, wage war against those in the Republican Party who are moderates, but see the danger with Democrat governance too. There is room for all of us here, but only for those who do not see their own party members as the enemy. Now, for those in our party who are willing to wage war against their own party members, or profess that we must now come together in the name of bipartisanship with those who want our political death, we must now draw the line. It is time to finally push back and wage war against those who have been fighting us all along.

It is time to determine the heart and soul of the party and what we really believe in, or we are just playing politics.

PS: I do not expect this post to get much in the way of readers. I do not expect any comments or recommends. If there are any comments, I expect them to be by those who take offense to this post. If it offends anyone I apologize in advance. That is not my intent. I have finally reached a point where I am tired of this slide into oblivion, lead by people who want to govern in the center, and have led us into the center of the wilderness.

There will be another post about “conservatives” who talk a good game, but are as corrupt as they come. Those need to be dealt with too, and they will be, I am absolutely sure of that today. If this election has done anything, it has finally woke people up to the cancer in our midst. It is time to cut it out of the party.