Engaging The Arena of Ideas

This is going to be short. I need to get ready for work.

Yesterday I made a post critical of the Republican Main Street Partnership and the moderates there whose own goals on their web site is to counter Conservatism. I also pointed out that some very prominent members of the Republican Party belong to this group. John McCain is one of them.

Now that the election is over, I want to engage in the conversation about who has better ideas. Should a Republican group whose stated goal is to attack and undermine other Republicans be driving the bus now?This group is a group of avowed “moderate” Republicans. This is the group that runs moderate Republican candidates against safe seat Republicans in primaries, solely because they are conservative.

This group was launched in response to Newt Gingrich’s successful take over of the House of Representatives in 1994. How suicidal to their own party are they? They would rather fight other Republicans they don’t agree with, and reach across the isle in bipartisanship with Democrats.

Should the members of this group be challenged and told that the last two elections where they drove the bus off a cliff is enough?

I had one moderate Republican in this site take offense to this suggestion. I challenged him to explain why the moderates, who keep losing elections, be given additional chances to to repeat those results?

Big clarification: In no way am I advocating the removal of moderates from the party! However, as the election cycle spun up, and McCain won the nomination, we more conservative members of this site were told to get in line for the good of the party. A few people here even stated that rather harshly.

Now that the fruits of unity behind a moderate has produced its results. I ask the question, “shouldn’t those same moderates who told us to unite be just as noble to “unite” behind more conservative candidates for the sake of not losing elections anymore”?

Lastly, those moderates told us the key to winning is to “take the political center” in politics, just as John McCain did in this election. Is it time to shift the “center” to the right and let a candidate from that perspective lead.

Or, will moderates, as typified by this Republican Main Street Partnership be allowed to keep us in the wilderness?

Okay, convince me the center is the place to be in politics. Right now the center just happens to be in the center of the wilderness. Prove me wrong!