Fred Head Comes Back Out of The Closet

Today, or should I say, the night has been a long one. After Pennsylvania went down, so did I. At that point last night, after the “bankrupt the coal industry” tape came out, and Obama still won that state, I knew it was over. After that occurred I knew that Republicans were toast, but that is only my opinion.

This post is NOT an “I told you so” but it is a post that I have have had in the back of my mind ever since we reached the point were McCain won the nomination and the Red State Directors/ Moderators chose to “ride rough shod” over the Fred Heads. It had to be done to get the site in line to prepare for the hard work that needed to be done to get McCain elected.

That was a purely strategic decision on their part. They needed to have us focus on getting McCain elected, however some of the things said by two individuals here still left a bad taste in my mouth, and still does to this day. However, forgiveness is what I needed to do, but I am still working on forgetting.So, in the aftermath of this election were does the events of the past 6 to 9 months leave us? Well, it leaves most of us completely dispirited. I am one of them. I went and voted for Sarah Palin yesterday. I am still a proud hockey Mom supporter. My wife wanted nothing to do with voting and was going to stay home. I talked her into voting for Sarah. She went and voted.

I noticed in one post here that in the numbers they looked at, the Republicans stayed home yesterday. I wasn’t going to do that. I wasn’t going to let the main stream media win. I wanted to vote, so I did. McCain won my state, I wasn’t worried about that here in S Dakota. It was the rest of the nation that had me worried, but I had no control over it.

Now for my “shoot from the hip” “why it happened” observations.

The biggest thing is that the main stream media chose sides, and didn’t even try to hide it. Any Republican candidate who is serious about winning needs to acknowledge this fact. They need to accept that the news media is actually campaigning for Democrats now. They need to campaign against the news media as much as their Democrat opponent. If they do not, they will continue to lose.

The next reason for all this I put squarely at the feet of the “Republican Main Street Partnership”. This is the group of moderate Republicans in Congress who have made it their goal to wrest control of the party away from Ronald Reagan Conservatives and bring it back into control of the Eisenhower/ Rockefeller moderates again. They wanted it just as it was, before Newt and Ronald Reagan brought the conservatives into prominence in the party. Oh, by the way, John McCain is a charter member of the Republican Main Street Partnership.

The third, and probably one of the most influential events of the election was the financial tsunami on Wall St. Lets face it, something that epic is going to have an impact. It most certainly did, however, no one had any idea how it was going to unfold. The main point is that the video that went around on YouTube of the 2004 Congressional hearings were the Democrats were seen blocking the regulation that was needed was stark and dramatic. However, lets face it, the news reporting shaped this one event.

Probably one of the most long lasting reasons in its effect, has to do Campaign Finance Reform. Lets face it, when Obama chose to opt out of the public finance system and John McCain held to it, the money picture overwhelmed McCain. Obama raised $600 million and McCain had no way of competing. No Republican candidate who hopes to win as president will ever except public financing again. There is now way they can and still have any chance of winning. In effect, Obama destroyed the public financing system of elections.

Another reason I see as a minor issue has to do with our primary system. Lets face it, in the early phases of the primaries Democrats crossed over to help get McCain nominated. He was the candidate they wanted to run against. However, payback was sweet with “Operation Chaos”. They didn’t like us crossing over to their side to mess with them either. Hopefully that won’t be a problem again. Who knows, and at this point who cares. There is nothing we can do about this matter anymore.

So where does that leave us? It leaves us with a filibuster in the Senate, unless Johnny Mac creates and another “Gang of….” in the name of bipartisanship. However, he will only need three other Republicans to hand the Democrats whatever they want now. Before the day is out, maybe less than that. It leaves us with a president who has no qualms about using his middle finger towards opponents, and a looming socialist agenda.

[Forgive me but I have to get this out of my system once and for all] Now that the election is over, I fully expect John McCain to go back to doing the things he does to make the media love him. He will go back to the “Gang of… whatever, to close Gitmo, illegal immigrant amnesty, and all those other lovely things that made us love him too and really energized the base. [heavy snark] but hey, look at the bright side, we won’t have to worry about him helping the Democrats filibuster Republican judicial nominations anymore!

However, as I look out the window the sun is starting to rise again, and a new day begins. – and so it is for us. I see Sarah Palin and Fred Thompson out there, and most importantly, I see conservatives who will now get up and brush themselves off and start the rebuilding process of the conservative movement. Now that the election is over, we don’t have to “come together” behind moderates anymore. Now we can pursue conservatism that brought us the majority in the past, and walk away from the moderates of the Republican Main Street Partnership who gave us the wilderness again.

So it is with you, if you chose too. I know I am. I hope you do the same.

Wubbies World, The Fred Head and Hockey Mom supporter is back.