Red State is Improving - Are You?

I too am one of the number of people who have been driven beyond crazy with the Red State problems. However, due to my computer background, I knew there had to be an explanation and a resolution. I did not know what it all was, because I am not privy to any of the efforts going on by the staff, but I knew it was fixable.

I noticed last night that the servers were down for an update. It wasn’t for long, but I wasn’t on long either. I am noticing an improvement since then.

However, the main reason for this post is not to speculate. My main reason for this post is to drive home one point of major concern for me. We are in the home stretch for a hugely important election. I have noticed several posts about the abolition of Red State and generally the whole idea of taking their toys and going home because it is all too frustrating.

My father always taught me not to be a quitter. Taking my toys and going home was never an option when things became difficult. I will admit, my posting and commenting dropped off considerably in the past. However, I had personal reasons with a job change. I have been slowly getting back into the game here. The technical problems are not helping matters either, but quitting and going home is not an option.

I am here to stay. It is time to regroup here at Red State, and I for one will be in it. A donation would also help with the efforts too. It is worth it to me. Is it worth it to you?