S. Dakota Election News

Today I started back on my first steps back into politics since my recent move to start my new job at the beginning of June. It started off good.

Today both Joel Dykstra and Chris Lien came to the park in Pierre, S. Dakota to meet people and talk politics. I got the chance to speak to both of them. I was impressed. I was relieved to find that these are good people and are not plastic phonies. I can really support them. If the people of S Dakota take the time to talk to them and actually look them in the eye and shake their hand, they will agree as well.

Joel Dykstra is running against Tim Johnson for the Senate seat. I remember that before I found my political roots in conservatism, I liked and voted for Tim Johnson. He seemed like a nice guy who had moderate tendencies. I regret the vote still today. This is the man who champions himself a supporter of our military, but upon return to the Senate from his unfortunate brain hemorrhage, one of his first votes was to defund Iraq operations and for immediate troop withdrawal. I guess he supports our troops by advocating their weakness and surrender.

When I spoke with Mr Dysksra, he told me he has business experience in the oil and gas industry. He spoke of our need to increase supplies as the best way to bring down high fuel prices. I also discovered another interesting dynamic in his campaign to unseat Tim Johnson. How many of us remember George Allen and the Macaca Moment? Jim Webb’s campaign was run by a gentleman by the name of Steve Jarding. He was the man who had kids following George Allen around everywhere with video cameras to capture any moments where Allen let down his guard. He did and they caught it on video. The same Steve Jarding is running Tim Johnson’s campaign, and guess what? The two young guys with video cameras are following Joel Dystra around with video cameras attempting to replicate George Allen’s Macaca Moment!

I spoke with one Of Mr. Dykstra’s campaign people and we exchanged information. I offered to blog for him here and we are going to be in touch. So, there will be more to come from Mr. Dystra here. I plan on helping him get his message out as well as any campaign news I run into.

Now for Mr Chris Lien. He is another fascinating individual. I believe that I can sit and talk with him for hours. However, time is a luxury he does not have. I talked with him and we spent a some time discussing his recent trip to ANWR!

He told me that the first stop was in Anchorage where he and the others he was with sat through briefings from geologists and wildlife experts before they flew north. Two surprising pieces of information were reveled to me. The first thing involved the caribou herds in the area. As everyone knows, the caribou in Barrow Alaska where there is currently oil drilling, well the herds have exploded in population. However, herds in the mountains have dwindled due to disease. So, I guess more drilling will help protect the herds, but the Democrats don’t want to hear that. The second piece of information involves the “drilling foot print” The drilling will occur during winter months, and once the drilling is done a well head with a covering will be all that remains. That well head and covering is only 10 feet square! Talk about a minor foot print!

I also asked him about his opponent Stephanie Herseth-Sandlin and her position on drilling. She has not made any public statements for drilling. She is staying away from it. She has not, nor has she indicated she is willing to sign discharge petitions to bring the legislation to the floor. She has avoided any statements on drilling and is making it a hard target to campaign against her on. She is playing “rope a dope” and is using incumbent popularity to insulate herself and coast through the election. There has to be an issue to create an opening, she can’t sit this out and still win.

I have also been in contact with his campaign staff and will be doing some blogging for him as well here. Ms Herseth-Sandlin is not bulletproof and she has policy positions even if she does want to hide them from the voters. I will blog about them as they see the light of day.