"Now- Imagine He Is Black"

Recent evidence shows that there is an epidemic of racially motivated black-on-white crime clearly manifesting itself across America. But one would hardly know that unless such events take place locally- the Department of Justice and national news outlets have been reticent to notice, much less appropriately report on these incidents.

Violent crime predicated upon the color of someone’s skin is a monstrous atrocity, right? Isn’t that the reason the distinction “hate” prefaces “crimes” in these instances- to signify that they are worse than “normal” violent crimes? So where is the outcry over this startling trend?

The outcry is delayed and muted, if heard at all. For example, take a recent story in a local news report on September 27th about an incident that took place on Sept. 9th in the Port Richmond area of Philadelphia.

Mark LeVelle was walking home on that afternoon and was spotted by two “fearful white teens” who asked for his help. Shortly after, a mob of black and Hispanic youths appeared, apparently believing that the two were responsible for harming an African-American teen nearby. They shouted, “We got you, you white mother——!” So Mark hurriedly took the boys into his house to provide them safety, rather than handing them over to a clearly racist and bloodthirsty mob.

But the mob would not be deterred. So they “pounded on his front windows and kicked his wooden door so hard it flew open and some of them entered his house.” With his wife and kids screaming, LeVelle was hit with a pipe, punched in the face, and one among the mob pulled a gun and attempted to aim it at him, though LeVelle thwarted this effort just before police arrived.

Afterward, LaVelle identified his attackers and they were arrested, one of which was the 17-year-old juvenile that punched him in the face. The next day, that child’s mother came to his house with others, banging on his door and screaming. The woman yelled at LeVelle, “You white mother——, you got my kid locked up! You got my son locked up because he’s black, you’re white!” The mother proclaimed her child’s innocence as a mere “witness,” to which LeVelle assured her that the truth would come out in court. The woman then replied, “If you make it to court. I know where you live!”

In addressing this scenario, I’m reminded of the famous scene in “A Time to Kill,” when Matthew McConaughey’s character draws a picture of racial equivalency to point out the biases prevalent at the time of the film’s setting. I believe it works equally well today, if applied inversely.

Now- imagine he is black.

Imagine that Mark LeVelle, a black man, pulled two black children off the street to protect them from an angry white mob bent on harming them. His home is broken into, he is beaten, his family is threatened, and one among the mob pulls a gun with the intent of murder. Mr. LeVelle recognizes those who harmed him, and fingers them as the culprits for his wounds. The white mother of an incarcerated villain comes to Mark LeVelle’s home, calls him a “black mother——,” and says that he won’t make it to court because she is likely to direct someone to kill him.

Imagine that these were the events that took place on September 9th.

What are the chances that it would not be national news within a week, heralded as a deplorable hate crime, signifying a troubling epidemic of racism against blacks? As we all know, this would almost certainly be the result. It must be asked of our seemingly race-sensitive elites in our political and national media constructs: why, when whites are the victims of hate crimes, is it so easy to ignore?

William Sullivan is a frequent contributor to online conservative magazines and he blogs at http://politicalpalaverblog.blogspot.com