Palin Steps Up TV Interviews

Palin Steps Up TV Interviews


The McCain campaign has largely sheltered Sarah Palin from the media, but that’s changing. This week, the campaign is slowing releasing the GOP vice-presidential candidate to local media. On Monday, Palin sat down with NBC affiliate WFLA in Tampa, Fla. On Tuesday, she took questions from another local television station in Jacksonville.

The Monday interview with WFLA will be aired in pieces on several broadcasts this week. But the entire eight minutes of Palin’s interview with Keith Cate is online. In answering the majority of questions, Palin repeated her stump speech. But there were a few new answers, including more comments on the Saturday Night Live skits with Tina Fey poking fun at her.

John McCain’s campaign continues to grant interviews to national outlets strategically. She talked with Greta Van Susteren of Fox News Tuesday morning, the fourth interview she’s granted to Fox in the past two weeks. (Previous Fox interviews include both a television and radio appearance with Sean Hannity and an interview with political reporter Carl Cameron.

I think this is a good strategy and McCain campaign should have done a lot already. Palin needs to bypass the national media and talk to local media directly. Remember, she has garnered $70 million people to watch the debate, I am sure lots of local media will be dying to interview her.

Here’s the link to ‘Keith Cate”s interview. The local media are generally very good, no gocha questions.