Another bad polling day for Obama(down across the board)

A couple of polls out today at state level are showing further improvement of McCain’s standing at state level.

Survey USA Florida

McCain 50Obama 44

Poor Obama, he has spent over $5 million on ads in this state since primary, and McCain has spent ZERO. Great investment return, and keep it up, Obama.

Other polls are conducted in safe blue and red states, nothing particular interessting except the trendline.

Suffolk Massachusetts

MassachusettsObama 47, McCain 38 (June: Obama 53, McCain 30)

John Kerry, keep talking and I’m sure you’ll help your buddy even more.

Rasmussen Arizona

McCain 52, Obama 36 (June: McCain 49, Obama 40)

Rasmussen Alabama

McCain 55, Obama 37(June: McCain 51, Obama 36)

Rasmussen Connecticut

Obama 51, McCain 36(June: Obama 52, McCain 35)