OH Gov Strickland: I can't win Ohio for Obama

Strickland: I can’t win Ohio for Obama

COLUMBUS – Gov. Ted Strickland (D-Lisbon) said he can’t deliver Ohio for presumptive Democratic nominee Barack Obama on his own.

At a press conference following an event supporting the “Clean Ohio” ballot issue Strickland was asked by PolitickerOH.com what he will do to deliver the state to Obama, especially in light of the tightening presidential race shown by today’s Quinnipiac poll.

“I cannot deliver the state but I have already been trying to be helpful to Senator Obama and I will continue to do that,” Strickland said, adding that he’s been urging voters across Ohio to support Obama.

Strickland said no single person can deliver the state because it takes a large team to win an election.

“I can’t even deliver Ohio for myself. It takes a lot of people to help a candidate win a state. I’ll try to do my part certainly,” he said.

He does not sound either confident or enthusastic about THE ONE.