Washington Post: McCain Makes Significant Gains in Four Key Battleground States

McCain Makes Significant Gains in Four Key Battleground States

Yes, that’s actually the headline from Washington Post. Color me surprised.

First the head-to-head matchup #s. The polls were conducted by Quinnipiac, not a particular accurate firm to start with.

**July (June)COMcCain 46(+2)Obama 44(-5)

MNMcCain 44(+7)Obama 46(-5)

MIMcCain 42Obama 46(-2)

WIMcCAin 39Obama 50(-2)**

Read the article yourself, it’s mostly garbage… The only interesting tidbits are here.

However, independents generally were far more evenly divided between Obama and McCain than in last month’s Quinnipiac/washingtonpost.com/Wall Street Journal surveys.

A month ago, Obama led McCain among Independents by anywhere from 21 points (Minnesota) to eight points (Michigan). In the most recent set of data, McCain actually outperforms Obama by three points among independents in Michigan while losing that crucial voting bloc far more narrowly in Colorado (Obama +8), Minnesota (Obama +8) and Wisconsin (Obama +9).

Two of the states in the battleground surveys — Minnesota and Colorado — are also playing host to high profile Senate races. In each, the news is good for Republicans.

In Minnesota, Sen. Norm Coleman has built a 53 percent to 38 percent edge over entertainer Al Franken ¿ thanks in no small part to a series of gaffes by the former “Saturday Night Live” star. In Colorado, former Rep. Bob Schaffer (R) has pulled into a dead heat with Rep. Mark Udall (D), an affirmation of Republicans’ insistence that the contest will be among the closest in the country.