Foxnews poll: Obama 41, McCain 40(another bad poll for our Messiah)

This is getting better and better.

No Bounce for Obama From Overseas Trip

The significant news coverage Barack Obama is receiving on his foreign trip has not translated into a bounce in his numbers, a just-released FOX News poll shows. Obama now holds the slimmest possible edge over John McCain, leading by just 41 percent – 40 percent in a head-to-head contest. In fact, Obama’s support is down slightly from his 45 percent – 41 percent advantage last month.

Among independents, Obama has a narrow 2 percentage point edge: 34 percent to McCain’s 32 percent, and 34 percent undecided.

McCain has more strength of support from his party faithful. Fully 86 percent of Republicans back McCain compared to 75 percent of Democrats that back Obama.

Given that the independent vote splits about evenly, one might expect McCain’s strength in Republican support would give him an advantage overall. The reason that fails to happen is that the pool of Republican voters is smaller than the pool of Democratic voters, which means McCain’s party-based edge has less impact on the race than it might otherwise. In this poll 42 percent of voters identify as Democrat and 33 percent Republican, and that’s about where the party identification numbers have been all year.

Looks like Hillary’s PUMAs are working hard to derail Bambi’s emperor dream.