Organizing the Grassroots

As of February 24, according to Wikipedia, there are 254 Democrats and 178 Republicans in the House of Representatives, with 3 vacant seats. Not being a prophet, I won’t predict who wins, because for the purposes of this rant, it doesn’t matter. (Actually, I think Republicans will get at least one of the seats. Again, I didn’t come here to talk about these elections.)

As of February 24, there are 76 more Democrats than Republicans. Obviously, parity is only 38 seats away. Make it 40 seats. The Senate is even closer. While we are getting slaughtered in the legislative agenda, the reality is that we are not so far out of power that the situation is hopeless. Which is what I have come to talk about.

2004 was obviously our last good year. Katrina destroyed the Bush administration. The media then poured it on about Iraq as well, and 2006 and 2008 were bad. Very bad. Worse than bad. The media controlled reporting about scandals, primarily of a sexual nature, and it got worse. So much for the history lesson.

Premise: 2004 still represents the actual values of America. Red states, congressional districts, and precincts are still red in their core values. Witness the rapid decline in Obama’s numbers and the rapid incline in dissatisfaction with our march toward socialism. Americans basically are still what we have always been: patriotic, religious, and conservative. Heck, a Gallup poll showed that about 80% of us yahoos still believe that God is responsible for man’s existence, and more than half of us, 44%, gapped-tooth hillbillies who didn’t get out of the third grade, think that God created man in his present form.

If that assessment is correct, then what drives the blue votes in the red states? Most important is the constant barrage of media driven values. Everyone reading here knows that the Democrats, the MSM, and the liberal blogs have created an alliance to control that message. 10,000 dead from Katrina. 600,000 dead Iraqis. Cheney-led assassination squads. Who actually believes that? No one. How many votes are influenced by it? Apparently a lot.

The plan. Sort of. Half baked. Amoeba kind of thought.

The Tea Party movement shows that there is a strong grassroots movement to resist socialism. The marriage issue shows that even California has its limits, though as sane citizens leave, those limits are changing.

However, we have NO national leadership that is going to rejuvenate the party. Michael Steele may not step down or be pushed out, but he is not going to lead us out of the wilderness. Too much damage has been done. Leadership has to come for the bottom.

We need two things: strong local organizations and a replacement for the message from the MSM. Using the Tea Party movement as an example, a few individuals can plan and organize effectively. How to do it:

  1. Target congressional districts that was Republican in 2004 and is now Democrat.
  2. Target Representative who vote more liberal than their state
  3. Start knocking doors. Build email lists. Press the flesh both actually and virtually.
  4. Provide a news source in each district with a local emphasis. This can only be done on the Internet. Part of the door-to-door effort must raise awareness of this source of information.

Sites such as Redstate are great for the faithful and political junkies. I have been participating here for a few years (Once I was CroakerNorge, but that identity has been lost in the changes. Alas, I am no longer able to masquerade as Croaker. So, the week or two of membership in my profile is not the whole story.) But Redstate and other sites aren’t going to reach the masses. A news source has to be easy to access, easy to digest, and have immediate value. People in Arkansas are not going to be that involved in the NY-20 election. But folks in Arkansas Congressional District 1 are pretty interested in what is going on in Arkansas.

The people of Arkansas need an alternative, and they have to know about it. The source has to be fast, easy and relevant. Someone has to tell Arkansas about this new source. Knock on doors, hand out flyers. Anything.

I mention Arkansas because it is a good test case for my premise. Arkansas is a conservative state with Democrat representation. 3 of the 4 representatives and both senators are all Dems. Arkansas, however, voted Republican in 2004, 2006, and (even!) 2008. Arkansas still has a significant rural population, and a conservative religious environment. The people of Arkansas can be persuaded to vote for Republicans with the right message and the right alternatives. The Obama agenda is make the message easier, and the 2010 election makes 4 of the 5 Dems replaceable. (I live in Texas, congressional district 4, which is, was and will be Republican for some time.)

Arkansas is one example, but every state has the same environment on a smaller scale. Which precincts voted Republican? Can they be reached for 2010? But the effort has to be local. The national party is falling apart.

So that is the basis of the idea. Is it possible? Are there Tea Party members here who can start the process? If you are not in Arkansas, is your congressional district similar? Every district that turned blue in 2006 and 2008 has the same potential. With the growing scandals, we have the same potential to unseat longer term Dems. Can anyone say Murtha? Viclosky? A big chunk of the Illinois delegation?

Any thoughts on this?