Erick Erickson Calls for Pro-Trump Protesters to be Shot and Congress to Hold Fascist Tribunal

Erick Erickson who has claimed to be a true conservative fighting against the Trumping of the Republican party has shown his true roots in merely being deranged. After spending the last 24 hours rage tweeting about Republican voters who question the media narrative about Joe Biden’s basement victory he turned his ire on to Trump supporters who stormed the Congress building. Erickson showed his hatred and disgust for Trump supports by calling for them to be shot, Trump to be immediately impeached, and all the rules to be waived so this can happen.

This is the same Erick Erickson who has whined about GOP Congress members objecting to the certification of the Electoral College vote, claiming that they are derelict in their duties. The difference is that the Constitution and U.S. code allows for these objections, but the Constitution doesn’t allow for Erick Erickson to demand people he doesn’t like shot by government authorities and for Congress to hold a tribunal because Erick doesn’t like the President. It’s not a shock to anyone that the people who hate Trump are really just out for some sort of rage-fueled revenge, probably because of the exposure of their hackery.

This is the perfect example of the thin veneer that exists in establishment Republicans when they talk about the Constitution. Apparently if you’re a Never Trumper you are fine abandoning the Constitution if it means you can summarily execute people who were mean to you on Twitter and it’s ok for the Government to pick a President as long as that President isn’t named Trump. I’m not shocked at all that Erick Erickson is a complete dirtbag.

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