"2020 is the worst!" Is EXACTLY How The Left Wants You to Think

AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes

Because I get trapped in teleconferences regularly and have to communicate with members of the corporate world I get to hear every cliché and slogan that exists. Whether people are discussing the “new normal”, telling us to “stay safe”, or as I’m experience heading into the close of the year I get to hear about how ready everyone is to end 2020, because it was “the worst”. This has become as much a meme as anything else, whether it’s people joking about 2020 having a bingo card with crazy events on it, or just plain saying that 2020 has been so bad that nothing surprises them anymore.

Was 2020 even that bad, and why?

Of course 2020 brought us one of the craziest events in our lifetimes, a nationwide lockdown and mask mandates which have lasted almost a year now, but that isn’t a calendars fault, it’s entirely the government’s fault and we should all be asking ourselves whether it was necessary what-so-ever. Johns Hopkins University had to remove a study from their newspaper that showed that COVID-19 did not have any real effect on the death rate among the elderly. The newspaper editor said the decision to remove the information was made because it had been used to support “dangerous inaccuracies” on social media, not because it was false. In case you don’t understand the significance here, that means that during this global pandemic with which your entire life has been turned upside down, somehow the most vulnerable population in our country has seen no increase in their mortality.

Remember murder hornets? I heard about them in early summer and it was one of the popular “of course this happens in 2020” examples, but I have barely heard of them besides people using them as an example of why 2020 is the worst. Sure, invasive insect species, especially ones with stingers are awful, and personally when I see a hornet’s nest my first instinct is to nuke the site from orbit, but once again, this kind of thing happens all the time, not just 2020.

The point I’m trying to make here is that the popularization of blaming the calendar for the poor decisions of government, and the fear mongering of the media is exactly the kind of mind games the Left plays regularly with America. They never take responsibility for their decisions and instead create some sort of joke or trope to explain why your life has been markedly awful due to their politicization of every aspect thereof. I’m not trying to ruin anyone’s good jokes on New Years eve about getting rid of “the worst year EVER!”, but I want to make sure that everyone remembers WHY 2020 was so awful, and that WHY is because the Democrats and the media spent the entire time telling you that this year was awful, that you needed the government to save you from this awful year, and here you are near the end and the year is still awful.

2020 has been a life lesson in why we need a smaller government, and why every American should be immediately skeptical when politicians and the media are in complete lockstep on anything. That makes 2020 a great year, and a year we can all learn from and make sure we never repeat again.

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